lunes, 30 de junio de 2008


I used to love to "people watch" at airports. There is something in seeing people reunite that moves my heart. Well, on Sunday I saw a reunion of two friends that moved me to tears. Before I explain what I saw I need to give you a little history first. Last year the second trip that I lead to the Rio, was with a group called Calumet. Frankly I don't remember a ton about the day, except for when it was time to head out, one of the group members could not be found. After a short bit I was told that it was a leader named Chris and that he had accepted a ride from Meme's husband Lalo in his horse and cart. When I asked how long was a trip through the neighborhood, she answered,"oh, I don't know 20-30 minutes". I freaked knowing we were running tight on our schedule as it was and that this could set us behind. Thankfully God knew what I could handle and before I got too concerned, Lalo and Chris were soon seen coming down the dirt road seemingly laughing at their conversation and having a great time. This God encounter that Chris and Lalo had instantly turned into a special friendship. Chris found out that Lalo was a night watchman on our property and stayed up until 2 in the morning talking with Meme and Lalo. He visited again within the year and enjoyed talking with them about what God was doing in their lives.
Ok, now fast forward to Sunday. Our group got to the Rio however Meme was not there. This is unusual and with all the trips out to Meme's that I've made (some 50 or so) I've never known her not to be waiting there for us. When the group got out of the bus, I went on ahead and shared with the group about the Rio, Meme's ministry and the soup kitchen and so on. I heard something and turned around to see her approaching the comodore. That is when it happened. Meme walked up to the group and saw Chris. She burst into tears, almost ran to him and hugged him tight. That moment just lingered. Sweet, honest, love and care. A brief time of sharing had blossomed into a special relationship. I could see Meme's hurt but she was not alone. In a strange way that I just can't explain, hugging Chris that day was painful and healing in a single moment. She was sharing the loss of her husband with someone who knew him well. All because he said "sure" to an invitation to take a ride in the cart. There seems like there should be more to say, but I'm speechless.......

domingo, 22 de junio de 2008

Cousin time

Me and my twin, Chris
Caroline and friends at Rayitos de Luz

We loved having Caroline here an extra week. I love my family. Caroline is super sweet, insightful, giving, and gracious. I think God has great plans for her life. She saved money to buy needed things for the kids at Rayitos de Luz. When she asked what they needed, she didn't think twice when the answer was underwear and socks. She gladly bought them and gave them to the director. I'm proud of my niece. As the old saying goes, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. My sister and brother in law both have the same loving, obedient heart for God and the work he is doing. She looked for every and any opportunity to talk with a Mexican, and try out her Spanish or learn more. We love you Caroline.

Some people come into your live.....

make footprints on your heart and you are never the same."
I read that on a card somewhere, but it spoke true last week. My husband and I were touched by a group from Urbancrest Baptist Church. They had such genuine servant hearts, great insights and thought my husband was a good singer. What can I say we loved serving with them. On the last night, they surrounded me and prayed for Greg and I and our family. This summer we are studying about "one anothering". We felt one anothered in a big way. Please don't underestimate the power of prayer. This group worked hard, encouraged one another, gave to the kids and one another, cared for one another, had fun with one another and prayed for one another. I wish I could put into words how we grew from this group. Thanks Urbancrest.

Cathy, why don't you take me with you.....

Hous and pool at Rayitos de Luz
Chicken that came with the property.
Caroline, my niece, with some kids from RdL

.......these were words that Antonio spoke as he was trying desperately to tell me how to reach Rayitos de Luz. Back2Back has recently purchased new land for this very needy home. The Lord has raise up a bunch of money and B2B is humbled by what God has done. These kids were living in a small home without adequate roof to keep the weather out. They were in a gang ruled neighborhood. Now they have property, a bigger house, chickens, a pool, fruit trees. The blessings have overflowed. However last week I found myself struggling to find the home with the directions that Antonio had offered me. I had turned around too many times to count. My frustrations were rising. Then Antonio said these words that hit me between the eyes. Cathy, why don't you just take me with you....."What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean I'll tell you to get to a landmark and you drive there, then I'll tell you the next landmark? ", he said. OK, and before I knew it we had arrived. This meant so much to me because some mornings I have my quiet times (sometimes great ones) then I get up and go about my day like I'm done with Jesus. Just mark Him off my list. I know God wants me to be going through life hearing from Him and going forward then checking in with a question, prayer or praise, until I reach my next landmark. Today are you taking Him with you? I pray we both do.....

More Photos de XV

Tonight was such a blessing for Karen Cecilia. She comes from a broken family. Her sister and brother are in the same children's home. She has a younger sibling but doesn't even know her name as she is her mother's daughter that she doesn't see much. Her father came to her birthday party that B2B put on for her. You see her dad doesn't have much money. What he has he used to rent a suit that matched her dress. Her dad said thank you several times. You could see his humility and gratefulness for how God provided for his daughter. People from groups or advocates from B2B have always provided for girls how don't have the money to celebrate their 15th birthday the way they do here in Mexico. Usually a girl wear a dress (a lot like our prom dresses). They have flowers, a dinner and cake. During the ceremony, the pastor encourages the girl through the word of God. Edgar, the director of Manantial de Amor where Ceci is from couldn't come. His wife is having difficulty with her pregnancy with twins and he needed to be with her. Instead Juan Porto filled in. He did a great job of telling her that God is always with her. Here in the pictures you will see Ceci with a few of her "hermanas" or "sisters" from the home that she lives in, pictures of her dress, of the cake, and of the ceremony where we laid hands upon her and prayed for her. What a special day. If you happen to see this and want to know how you can help provide a quincianera for a girl, email me or contact B2B. There website is Thanks.

Pictures from Cecilia's Quincianera

sábado, 21 de junio de 2008

so much to write so little time.....

Stayed tuned for more writing, I don't have a ton of time but want to tell you what a great week we had. Caroline, our niece stayed last week, Greg and I both worked with a great group called Urbancrest, had some fun illustrations in my life like the time I got lost going to Rayitos de Luc this week. All of these and more are coming. Keep praying for God to work in the lives of the kids and the groups He is soooo good. Tomorrow is a quinceanera for Karen Cecilia from Manantial de Amor. Pray that she feels special in the eyes of the Lord. That the Lord would speak to her on this special day. How fun. I'll be posting pictures of this too. Stay Tuned.....

martes, 10 de junio de 2008

My sister Chris and niece Caroline are here....

This week we are hosting 2 groups that include 92 people and another 80 people that live here and somewhere between 400-500 children from the homes we work with and you've got a party. Below is a picture of our gathering. We ate together, had wonderful worship, a pastor shared a word and we prayed for the workers and Beth and Todd. It was a great night. Many kids made a decision to earnestly seek God for Big things in their lives. Below is a picture of Caroline with a child from a children's home playing a group game. Ben is with his partner too. I hope to post some photos of my sister. We are busy but I've so enjoyed having them here.

viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

It's time and they are here......

The interns are here (about 20 interns and nannies). Today we had a full day of training. Tomorrow the groups come and we are off to the races. God is so good. Would you consider praying for this weekend. Tomorrow 92 groups members come as we host a children's home. So about 250 people will eat dinner together Sat. night. On Sunday night we will have about every children's home we know here, special guests, group members then us staff and families and jovenes. All in all about 650-700 people. Yep that's what I said. Now, that's what I call a party. What do you serve that many people? Well when you have a heart like those that have supported this night, you serve a steak called arrachara that you serve in a taco. This will be a night where all these kids will know how one another feel and for one night belong. Most of the time these kids stand out as different, but Sunday night all will be for them. They will be the special guests and we all will feel honored to serve and just be invited. Thanks for praying.

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

quick update on Meme...

Please pray for Meme's health. She has diabetes and is struggling with her blood sugar. It is high and has been since Sat. Pray for her as she is so sad and has so many eyes on her. Lalo's family and her neighbors are watching her closely to see how she is responding to everything. Today I went to visit and took photos of her husband. I was able to take her, her daughter, Janet and her neice, Magdelina to the grocery store. We were able to get a few things and get her out of the house for just a short time. I appreciate that I can share these things with you all. Thank you for your prayers.

domingo, 1 de junio de 2008

I wished all my entries could be happy....

last night we were watching the boys play video games. Ok I was watching, Greg was playing. Our friend Matt came to the door and told us of the news that Meme's husband Don Lalo had dying late that afternoon. You can look back and see my other blogs of Meme. She is a strong woman for God who has a ministry in her neighborhood along the river. Her husband has a huge heart for animals and was breaking in a horse. This is a favorite pastime for him. The horse threw him then fell on top of him, killing him. Needless to say his unexpected death has caught us all off guard. Before I go on, I need to tell you he was a Christian. And his future is secure in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.
With that said, today was a hard, sad, and yet fantastic day. It was typical Meme and Lalo style. When we arrived at 1:00, they had just brought the body to there house. The funeral was in the commodore where Meme has her soup kitchen. One thing I like about the people here is they don't appear to be ashamed about their feelings. Getting out of the car, I heard loud wails of sorrow. Family and friends who like me couldn't believe it. Later today, I was able to sit through two of the three services. We sang, we listened to the gospel and we worshiped the Lord. If you know Meme, its typical Meme worshiping the Lord even in the depths of missing her dearest love. I love the way people linger. They didn't have appointments to go to, or TV to watch. There were probably 200-250 people there for hours. It wasn't about saying the right thing, or wearing the right thing. It was about being there for one another. Someone took a photo of Don Lalo in the casket and gave it to Meme. She held that photo so close to her heart. I don't have anything profound that I took away from today, but I was moved. I just know that I am different. Please pray for Meme. She will not have it easy without Lalo. They had been married 35 years. Thank you for your continued prayers, its an honor to serve with you here.