viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Huffer Family Photo

Here's an updated shot of all of us. We feel that our boys are growing so much, so I'm guessing that those of you who know them and haven't seen them for a while will think the same.
Ben is graduating 8th grade and we are looking for a bilingual school for him for next year. He is looking forward to meeting new friends and learning more spanish along with maybe playing some basketball.
Luke will enter 6th grade next year and is our active one. He choses to be outside whenever possible, playing just about anything under the sun.
Mark will be in 5th grade. He tends to roll with the punches and is both creative and a bit athletic too. He is crazy once you get to know him.
Greg continues to be busy wearing many hats here with the ministry. He especially loves when he is able to preach.
Me, as I have written before I'm adjusting to less individual ministry and more supporting my family with helping Greg and being with the boys. God has been good to us. We are so grateful for the many that support us prayerfully and financially. Thank you.

Lessons at VdJ

I know what you are thinking. You looking at these pictures and thinking, awww. Cathy's teaching lessons at Villa de Juarez. Well, actually I want to share how the boys there taught me a lesson. Its true I have been going there the last few weeks and teaching the kids Bible stories. Right in the middle of my David and Goliath story last week, two kids broke out in a fist fight. I'd be lying if I said this surprised me. But hang with me cause something soon after did. I and an older boy from the home helped to break the boys up. I usually go to the underdog and this day was no different. I went to Mateo and held him as he cried. I had seen Israel punch him several times in the face but didn't know what exactly happen. Having learned with my own boys that things aren't always what they seem, I brought Mateo to Israel with the idea that I would try to talk things out with them. I was expecting reluctancy and truly thought if they just can move on from this I'll be happy. As I leaned down to talk to Israel, I began with saying something like "you know you boys are going to need to talk this out?" I could never had predicted what happened next. The two boys took each others hand and walked into the room where there caregiver was and shared what happened. Each boy took responsibility for their own part. Each sat time out for a bit and returned back to my class, forgiven and ready to learn. I sat amazed and puzzled. I thought about how as an adult I don't admit to my failures and mistakes like that. Sometimes I sit in my own pride or hurt. I think, "that's not fair." or " I didn't start it." Because of the quickness of their actions, Mateo and Israel were able to take part in the acting out of the play, the coloring and fun. I think of how often I miss so much because I refuse to forgive and ask for forgiveness. I've grateful to what the boys taught me at Villa de Juarez this week.
Above are pictures of us learning about Samuel this week. One picture of Greg with the kids reading Easter cards from a church in Iowa and a couple of the boys with the cards.