miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Our God is not silent......

Above, is an old picture of some kids from Cadereyta a poor area in which we minister. I wanted to share how I experienced hearing God's voice last week with a friend who lives in this neighborhood. First I need to tell you that I did nothing to deserve seeing God work like this. He is really THAT good that He allows us to see him in action.
OK, here it goes. Last week we took a group of 5 people to work in a poor community. I worked for our first year here at this location and wondered if I would see anyone I knew. Praise God, as the group began to serve the people food in the church, I noticed my friend. We will call her, Maria. Maria was with her three cute girls and I recognized her from the beginning. In fact the last time I saw her I embarrassed myself so badly. I asked her when she was due when in fact she wasn't pregnant. Who says those kind of things, ahhh me, sad to say. Anyway.
As I sat down and spoke to her kids, we were catching up when God reminded me that I had brought some spanish scripture in my backpack. Not sure if you've seen this but their are many resources that allows you to connect a theme or feeling with a verse from the Bible. For example if you are down or facing hard times , you read Psalms 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
As I read that verse with one of her daughters, her face changed. I heard God
"Ask her how her marriage is going."
With confidence that only comes from the Lord, I asked her. She immediately looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Bad," she said quickly.
I immediately asked if she wanted to pray about it and she hesitantly agreed. During our prayer, God spoke again.
"Ask her if her husband abuses her." It was more than a thought in my head. The Holy Spirit allowed me to respond quickly, without much thought to the fact that I really hardly knew her and that we hadn't really talked in four years.
Again shocked she said, "Yes, he does."
I remember thinking what am I getting into. Quickly reminded the Lord I wasn't qualified for this discussion. But he didn't let up. Our conversation continued with the Lord guiding me to ask more questions, to pray, to ask more questions, etc. Quickly the Lord showed me that we weren't to cry out to the Lord to change her husband but to talk about how God was pursuing her. How she naturally was angry and she was seeing it affect her girls. How He was pursuing her to heal her, forgive her anger against God, himself and to love on her as she deserved.
Well, by no means did we solve it all right there and then. God spoke to Maria that He was pursuing her and that He doesn't give up. That he is near the brokenhearted and He is near her. Will you pray with me for "Maria". I have since gone back to see her and give her a Bible but she had gone to be with her mom for two days. Pray for healing, protection, and her to be able to somehow open herself up to his love. I can't imagine the hurt she feels but I know the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the miracles He can perform.