jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

Domingos a Douglas

God has laid it on the hearts of Jim and Betty to lead church at Casa Hogar Douglas. The asked Greg to preach and the boys and I went along. Mark and Luke and I helped with the toddlers while Greg preached to the 9year olds to the 15 year olds and Betty taught 5-8 year olds. We began worshipping together in their chapel which is at the top of a hill. We went early to sweep it out and clean. It hadn't been used for a while. It was a great morning to worship with these kids. There are about 75 kids at Douglas and few workers. They are lacking spiritual input. Both the kids and the workers just seemed tired. I believe God used the vision of Jim and Betty to give them Hope. Not sure how that will work, if we will continue to have church there on Sundays or for how long. I am thankful for how God continues to use Greg and how he is using his gifts and is given such joy in return.

domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

God is the biggest WHAT......

Recently heard a sermon from Graham Cooke. He tells his testimony with a statement that I think has really got me thinking. He feels that God has made us all so very differently. He's made us in a way that allows us to experience different parts of him the most. For Graham God is the kindest person he has ever known. For some He is the most loving, for others He is the most forgiving, for others the most gracious. What is He to you? God is the most_______ I've ever known. You fill in the blank.

How many jars did you gather........

Today God provided another opportunity for Greg to preach. This time at Casa Hogar Douglas. He spoke on 2 Ki 4 where Elisha helps the widow and her two boys. She shares with him that her husband and her were in debt and when he died the debtor wanted the two boys as slaves as payment. God talks through Elisha and he asks her
"How can I help you. Tell me what you have in your house." I love that he doesn't just say sure and give her money. He doesn't just fix the problem in the easiest fashion granting wishes. God asks her for her ideas "how can I help you." and then asks what she has. You can see that the widow is going to be part of the answer.
She then answers back that she has nothing but a little bit of oil.
Elisha asks her to gather jars from her neighbor but He adds this......Don't ask for just a few. I think Elisha is helping her to trust God for more. He then instructs her to go inside with her boys pour out the oil into the jars and sell it to pay off the debt.
The story goes that she does what Elisha says and she keeps pouring as the boys keep bringing the jars.
When her son says "There is not a jar left." Then the oil stopped flowing.

When we pray for God to do things in our life, do we gather many jars waiting for God to overflow in his answer or do we sit tight either not expecting much at all or hope that He grants our wish. God wants the relationship with us. He wants us to ask, to be prepared to do anything He asks us to and wait and anticipate the outcome. In my life sometimes it is immediate some I am still waiting years for the answer. So the next time you pray, how many jars will you gather?

martes, 20 de enero de 2009

Thank you so very much, from the bottom of our hearts

We were so grateful and pleasantly surprised when we received our end of the year donor report earlier this month. We are well aware of the financial crisis that the US is experiencing right now. We are praying for friends who have lost their jobs, their homes, who aren't sure what the future holds for them. We know and really expected to feel quite the crunch this year too. Even though our donation wasn't like last year, we are so grateful for how people support us. Those that can't anymore, we thoughly understand and are grateful for how you sacrificed for us. We pray that you would consider praying for us. We can't do what we do without the prayer support and the financial support. Words can't express the gratefulness for our support team. Please know when we are experiencing these things here, we feel as though we are bringing a big team with us. Thank you and God bless you for helping the orphan child in Monterrey, Mexico.

Power of Prayer......

It seems like since the beginning of the year, the Lord is placing on the hearts of many of the staff to take more time out for prayer. Some of us have taken to praying together for a revival, praying to see God working in and among us, praying to be used in whatever way He chooses. I began praying to God that I wanted to see Him on Sunday and Monday afternoon I had the opportunity to talk with one of our teens. She was sharing from her difficult past, how God had already helped her to change but that she wasn't sure if she had Jesus in her life because of walls she had built. I pray for her that God will continue the work He has begun in her. I pray for her faith to grow in Him and that she can trust others again. First the Lord then others as well. I am grateful for how He answers prayers. I am expecting to see more. I continue to pray that God will show himself to me. I can't wait to see what He shows me tomorrow.

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Time for Prayer

Wanted to share with you a few prayer requests.
1) First of all, El Retiro Jovenil (ERJ) a children's home we work with has lost ~50% of their funding. They have been struggling to feed their children. Thanks to one church (that we know of, thanks Anderson Hills) and other donors that has given money for food, God has used B2B to help them provide food for their ~25 kids. Please pray for Carlos and Martha as they depend on the Lord to provide their needs. If you feel God leading you to help, you can call B2B office at (513) 274-0300 or send a check to B2B Ministries, PO Box 70, Mason, Ohio 45040. Please tell them that you want the money to go to ERJ or the food emergency fund.
2) Pray for our teens and the teen parents. With the increasing number of high school and college aged kids here to live, study and we pray grow in a relationship with Christ, there are more struggles and more ways that we need to pray for our teens. Pray for protection, for wisdom, for patience for the parents and their family. Pray for balance of care and allowing them to learn on their own. Pray for a team of people, their families, teen parents, teens they live with, other staff or outside influences would all be used by the Lord to draw them closer to you.
3) Pray for Spiritual Warfare on our property, in the outreach areas we serve, in the children's homes we serve. Satan knows what God is doing in each area and he is mad. Pray for protection, courage, strength to fight and unity amongst our staff and those we work with.
Thank you.

Sierra Madre Christian Academy Wax Museum

martes, 6 de enero de 2009

Never goodbye but it feels like it......

Ever know people that come into your life and when they leave you know you'll never be the same. Well, John and Corrie Guckenberger and family are that kind of people. Their family left Mexico today to go home to North Carolina for just about a month then head off to Jos, Nigeria to following where God wants them to go. I've been sad for a while now. Last night we had such a great time talking to them about what they mean to us. What a sweet time. Because they are and were so real to so many, so many were able and wanted to be real with them. Even though for some it really hurt. The more I live life the more I realize great things come through pain. Child birth, training for any high physical achievement, obediently following Christ and great friendships. The beautiful night we spent as a staff was a reflection on who John and Corrie are. They are going to be dearly missed in ways we probably can't calculate all at once. As Christians I know you never really say goodbye cause we have a party waiting for us to attend in Heaven some day. However I will miss our dear friends and think of them more than they will ever know. Love you John and Corrie, Sarah, Gus and Sami.