jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Pray for Meme on the one year anniversary of Lao's death

Please remember Meme this weekend. Sunday is the one year anniversary of Lao's death (Meme's husband). This year has been full of ups and downs. Will you join me in lifting her up as she remembers the lost of her husband? Pray that she will take time to grieve and remember but that Satan wouldn't use this time to depress her and keep her from anything God would have her do.
Their family has been stricken with colds and infections recently. Along with the burden of sick children the cost of it all has been a burden for Meme too. Please pray for protection, health, family time and healthy grief. Thank you on behalf of Meme and her family for these prayers.

Shelter..... in sunshine and in the storm

It rained last night. You know that hard rain, with lightening and thunder. We happened to go out with another couple during the storm. Our boys were left with Ben watching them. Sure enough after we saw the first lightening strike our phone rang. It was our boys. They were concerned of their safety with the lightening and loud thunder. As Greg spoke to them, I heard him explain that they were safe in the house. They had a shelter. By the tone of one of our boy's voice I knew he was having a hard time believing it. I was reflecting on this and realizing this is what I've done recently. I've been praying for God to work this summer then I get up and start doing what's on my to do list. I begin to worry and wonder, will God come through. I forget the shelter He has for us. I forget the rest I can have in him if I dwell. Recently I've been praying scripture. Its been a great practice for me. God is giving me His words and I am praying He will bring me alongside of them to believing His promises and trusting in who He is.
"For he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalms 91:1-2

Lord, help me in my life to remember the shelter you offer me. Help me to trust you and to rest in your shadow this summer.

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

Youth Drama

This drama has been seen on youtube by so many. It is really powerful. For the past month of so, I have been meeting with a teen from our HOPE program. Edith accepted/recommitted Christ at a girl's retreat and asked if I would disciple her. Thankfully she speaks a lot of English, which allows us to talk deeper than my spanish would allow. God is teaching me so much through her and has been changing her heart in so many ways. God made Edith both with a passion and a talent for drama. Through her God given passion and desire she was able to put together other teens to put on the drama for church at Douglas. The kids enjoyed it and a tear or two were seen in the audience. Someone in the audience wants the teens to do it at their church. God was good as the practices didn't go well right before church, however the performance went so well. Edith is learning the Joy of the Lord by using her talents for him. It was really fun to see them give back and the kids at Douglas really look up to them. Praise God.

lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Just a little taste of worship at Douglas......

We are so blessed to worship with the kids at Douglas with this really great worship band. Beto is the worship leader and his parents dedicated him to the Lord when he was little. God is using him in mightly ways. Pay no attention to the jumping white girl in the front middle. I hope to get Greg preaching soon. Feel free to sway, sing, or dance.

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Worry, why do we do it???????

Recently I've been faced with plans for the summer. Found myself getting caught up in worry,,,,,will groups come this summer,,,,, will the news make Monterrey sound bad when really things are fine,,,,,,,will we have enough money,,,,,,will we have the groups of people that is required to do what God is calling us to do......will we have to do things differently? If so how will we do things differently?
On and on my worries were beginning to build up. Today four of us met to pray. It rained a little last night (that is a blessing, in the back of my head I was thinking the news will talk of a drought soon). We took this time this morning just to praise God. We sang to the song in the background. I walked while worshiping as I was extra tired this morning almost not getting out of bed. As I worshipped I felt like God was giving me an imagine that there I was singing, tiny me at his Big toe. Here is God big as can be and I'm seeing only his toe. God was telling me you worship me but only know a small portion of me. As I worshipped more and more I was struck with my lack of faith. I am worried that God's name wouldn't be glorified because of my actions. Why wouldn't I then give my plans, my concern, my time, my fears to the Lord. Surely He's goal is to be glorified. I am faced with my lack of trust and failure to believe. 1 Peter 5:6-7

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Here she is Ms. Mexico.......she's my ideal

My mom used to sing this to me as I woke in the morning and came down for breakfast with my bed head. That same song can to mind as I saw Meme's newest granddaughter. I wish I could tell you her name but they haven't named her yet. Here is Mexico they wait to see what she looks like and see if her persoanlity will point them to the appropriate name. I really like that tradition however she is close to two weeks old without a name. I call her precious or Preciosa in spanish. Janet looks really good after her 4th C section and four girls 7,3,1 and a newborn. I pray Mother's Day is good to her.

martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

Recently God is showing me all that I have.....

Do you ever find yourself thinking of all you don't have, that you miss what you do have? God is really opening my eyes to what a great husband I have. I know its too early for Father's Day. But my husband is such a great example to me for my faith and for life. God has given us a great sense of humor that allows us to enjoy one another. He is soo good with our boys, playing games, outside or in. Reading stories (and sometimes making it up as it goes along to see if they will know the difference). He is good with the kids at the Casa Hogar. He really does a good job greeting new people on our property. He is creative and funny and enjoys good competition. He recently spoke at a church clear across town and a guy contacted him to see if Greg preached regularly somewhere. During the flu quarantine, he came donning a face mask to here him preach. When you talk to him about it he is so humble giving God the glory he so deserves. My husband is great and I'm blessed to have him.

Lord we lift your name on High......

Last Tuesday night we had a praise and worship night. It lasted for 2 hours and was wonderful. The Lord ended the night with everyone pulling back our chairs as we danced and sang praises to Him. Well, yesterday Norma ,one of our neighbors asked me if we had a group last week. She said you were worshiping and singing so loudly and beautifully we heard it at our house. (She's not right next door but down by the store for any of you who have visited here). She said that as you sang my mom and I had a conversation. Norma's mom asked her what she thought we were singing and praying about. Norma replied probably for the sickness in Mexico. Norma recalled to her mom, "Remember last summer when the Americans came, passed out water and prayed with us about the drought? Remember. Her mom said." Yes, and it rained because the Americans prayed." Norma corrected her and said. " No Mom, it rained three days later because God made it rain, He heard our prayers and made it rain." How awesome is God how He uses things to begin conversations to glorify himself. I loved that she shared that and love the way God works. I continue to be so grateful how God allows us to be apart of spreading His Love, His power, His glory, His Awesomeness. Lord we lift your name on High....

sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

"I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made...."Psalm 139:14

These four cuties are Meme's granddaughters, Ashley, Naomi, Linsey and Leeann.
This week Meme welcomed her fifth granddaughter into this world. This is Janet's (her daughter) fourth girl. Because of this flu stuff I have been unable to go see her so you'll have to wait til I get pictures. I promise to post them when I can. Even Meme herself went to the hospital and only had 5 minutes to hold her. Janet and baby are home now but you can imagine the concern to give birth in a low income hospital with the country under a Swine Flu pandemic alert. All seem to be fine. I don't have her name yet because in this culture couples bring a baby home and get to know their personality before deciding on a name for a child. I kind of like the idea however its a bit odd just calling her baby or sweetie. Maybe that is why there are so many girls named Dulce (which means candy or sweet). Since Greg and I only have boys I often tell Janet that one of her girls is mine. When they called to tell me, she asked when I was going to come pick up my daughter. I think next wednesday I'll be allowed to visit. I'll post photos when I do.

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

H1N1 flu virus

By now most of you are well aware of the flu pandemic that began here in Mexico. First of all, I want to say everyone here is fine. We haven't heard much if anything coming out of Monterrey. Most is located in Mexico City and around there. However as you also know it has spread to the states as well as many countries around this world. The president of Mexico put the whole country on and here in Monterrey we have had schools closed for a week. They will remained closed until May 6 (next Wed). As awful as this is and our hearts and prayers go out to all who are affected, we on our campus have been blessed by it all. Its kinda like a mountain vacation when it rains and you can't get out. You are forced to spend time with your family and make the most of it. God is blessing our time together as we've done activities, had 2 1/2 hour worship time, etc. Our teens are enjoying one another rather then passing each other because they are from a different house. Our teens hung out together for most of the night last night playing games, roasting rabbit, eating and talking. Yesterday afternoon the girls got a soccer game going on the field that is always dominated by the boys. God has used this time of crisis to bless us with a retreat type of time. Groups have gotten together to pray, hang out on the scaffolding, even working hard together for free. God is so good. Next time I'm faced with something that looks like a pain, I will try to search for God's silver lining. We didn't plan to have this time together but God did and we are blessed because of it.