sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

The Whiteds

Ever do something the world would say is just crazy. That pretty much describes our friends David and Stacy Whited. They have been blessed with a great job that allowed them to take a year and join us in Monterrey serving the kids with whom Back2Back works. Their kids Colton 17 and Averee 15 years old spent their Jr. and 8th grade year with out kids. Their plan was to return to Nashville, Tenn for Colton's senior year. However after a trip to El Limon, a children's home we work with about 6 hours south of Monterrey, God called them to move there and serve them. They are trusting in God's perfect plan for their life. Is God asking something "crazy" from you? Are you choosing to obey?

Staff Kid VBS 2011

I have a great friend at B2B named Angela. She is a gifted Bible teacher for kids. With the help of the nannies this summer, she and they put together a great VBS for the staff kids. We had a great turn out and all the kids had so much fun with games, crafts, Bible stories, and snacks.

Privileged to share our lives.....

Greg and I have the opportunity to spend a good part of our time with the Mexican orphan and those who work and care for these kids. However in summer we host the majority of our groups and we have a different privilege. We get to welcome to work with us many interns and summer staff. This summer Greg and I both had the chance to share life together with a few of these interns. We meet with them, pray with them and challenge them. Its just great opportunity to be a small part of their lives as God has brought them to Mexico to work in and through them. These high school and college aged kids pay money to come help us for a month to two months. They do things like wash out garbage cans, pour concrete and push swings. They love on the kids we serve then give their time away to the groups that have come for the week. They are the cream of the crop. We learn a lot from them and are encouraged by the energy and faith that they bring to the table. Here are just three girls I came to know fairly well the month of July.