martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Manantial de Amor has three different locations. With three light bills, water bills, and 3 everything else they have often found themselves in need. This home has been based on trusting the Lord on a day to day basis and as a result of their trust in God and not man we don't always know of there need. Last week the directors, Edgar and Cony, knew that two of the three locations were in need of food, they led their children in prayer. On the day where it seemed that they would have nothing to eat, Cony went to get a bag of carrots to try and make a soup out of them. Upon her return, she came home to this (you can see the photos above). Because of a prompting from the Lord, someone donated money to feed children in our children homes. Greg had gone to the store and stocked there shelves and refrigerator with food. Back2Back along with Manantial de Amor were able to give God the glory as we did not know the need only God did. And He orchestrated the timing perfectly to fill the need of the kids. I love that God could do this by Himself, He is big enough. But He put it on the hearts of some in the states to give money, and He chose to use this ministry to be the hands to give so that in the very time of a great need He could come in to provide for these kids. God cares for these kids. He can prove for you too. Are you struggling to trust Him to provide for you? I pray this encourages you.

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Rodo and Becca's Wedding- great couple, great day

Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Mama Cony and Papa Chuy

Just a week ago, Back2Back was privileged to host a retirement party for Mama Cony and Papa Chuy, the directors of the Villa Juarez location of Manantial de Amor. The party will take me a few posts to cover in total however I wanted to post this first. Like most parties, this one didn't go exactly like the plan. About 45 minutes after the starting time we were still waiting for the daughters of Mama Cony and Papa Chuy to arrive. In order to stall, we had to think of a game. I was reminded of one teenage girl in our Hope Program who can from this home. She had told me how Mama Cony asked the kids to recite scripture every night before the went to bed. She then shared with me the many Bible verses that she knew. Literally after 12-15 minutes of reciting she began to slow down. With this memory in mind I suggested a reciting contest between the three locations of Manantial de Amor. Beth was on it. She introduces the three teams pausing for each home to cheer for their home. As she explained the game and asked for the kids to come up to recite scripture about 20 or the 30 kids came up to get in line. Some shared scriptures as simple as "God is Love" and others spouted out passages from Psalms. All in all it was such a great testimony to the legacy left by these two servants of God. One girl especially stood out to me. Her name is Flor. Flor has been in this home for a long time, along with a sister and brother. She has had her difficulties with relating with others and quite frankly socially awkward. But on this day, she stood amongst her peers and recited a long verse. She had some difficulty with the ending. As Beth encouraged her to keep trying, she didn't run or hide in shame, instead she began another one finishing in triumph. Mama Cony's efforts were seen shining in Flor as the Word of God was hidden in her heart and penetrating her self esteem and identity. Truly that is a legacy that will live on. With each child that spoke in the microphone it was easy to see their confidence in the power of the Word of God. Thank you Mama Cony and Papa Chuy.