sábado, 26 de enero de 2008

Manantial de Amor

Praise God for the relationships that we are forming. We hope to build upon this. Possibly sharing something from God's word or praying with some or all the girls. There were four women that came today (including me). We were able to bring lunch (taco salad) and sugar cookies to decorate. We also brought games to play. We had a great time. Personally I had the opportunity to play yahtzee with three girls-Flor, Ceci and Alondra. I was amazed at the lack of math skills. Afterwards Betty mentioned that without table games and other things that hone math and reading skills, children don't do as well. These girls were so sweet and really appreciated our time. We prayed with them before we left. They then in turn prayed for us. We planned to come again the 1rst of March but I hope to see them again sooner.

viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Sin Calor

When we first came to Mexico, I found myself adjusting quickly. I loved the food, the weather, the mountains. The people were friendly the language seemed great even though I didn't understand it. From the get go I found myself too comfortable with Spanish. Within the first week I found myself having to tell Todd, our director, that our dryer wasn't working. I don't like to be needy and definitely not so soon. And yet, the dryer was spinning our clothes but the heat wasn't working. You see, I looked at the knobs and the words and saw there were two options. Alto calor and Sin calor. I had noticed the stop signs driving around Monterrey that said alto. So I knew that meant stop and calor was heat. So I reasoned that meant stop heat so I figured I wanted the other one that didn't stop the heat. From what I understood that made sense to me. So much so that I reported our dryer broken to Todd. Well, all of you non Spanish speakers out there, alto can also mean high. So that knob was for high heat. The one I was using said sin calor which means without heat. So I really was just spinning my clothes all day long for days before I reported my problem and Todd stood in our laundry room and gave me my first Spanish lesson. This reminds me of Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all you do, acknowledge Him and He will straight your path."
In my life I often trust in my knowledge, thinking I know what is best. It seems logical or reasonable however sometimes I am working on the wrong knowledge or perhaps I don't have all the facts. Isn't great that we can trust on the Lord who does have that knowledge. Just like spinning my clothes for a couple of days was frustrating so is living trusting in my knowledge when I can trust God who knows and loves me. I am praying that I will trust in Him will you pray this with me.
Tomorrow a few of us women are going to Manantial de Amor. We are serving taco salads and sugar cookies. Hoping to play a few games and continue to establish relationships with the girls there. I also pray that we can set up a time to relief the directors and give them a break. I hope to have pictures and stories for you after tomorrow.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

The perks of being a missionary in Mexico.....

The way to a missionary heart is through their stomaches. Ok, maybe not all missionaries but at least our family. We were recently given tamalis (spelling?) from a friend in the Rio. She made chicken ones with homemade salsa verde. They were soooo good. Its fun to see our family branching out to try new things. All but Ben ate and enjoyed these delicious Mexican cuisine.

martes, 22 de enero de 2008

Connecting with Cookies

This past Sunday a few of us staff women made chocolate chip cookies with some of the teen girls. Claudia (second from the right) and Melina (to my right) had never made chocolate chip cookies before. These girls are in the Esther house on campus. We had a good time making and eating cookies. Singing, talking about favorites and just plain hanging out. The Esther House is having a change in parents as Bill and Heather Merrill will be leaving to return to the states due to medical reasons. I have wanted to spend more time with these girls and God has allowed it to be now. I have began a friendship with Melina who asked to call me her Tia (Aunt). The girls will have new parents coming the middle of February. They are Antonio and Maru (parents of Antonio Garcia, a staff man already on B2B staff). I will tell you more later.

martes, 15 de enero de 2008

Sierra Madre Christian Academy Dedication

Our children are blessed to have the opportunity to go to a nice , new school this year. Northstar Vineyard and other generous donors have blessed us with this great school. There are 15 children in Kindergarten through 5th grade and we are expecting at least 2 more joining the ranks next year. We have been blessed with 2 teachers. Miss Katie Housh who teaches the 3rd through 5 th grade classes and has taught here for three years. Miss Ruby Moyer has 10 children from Kindergarten through 2nd grade. They both are wonderful and we so appreciate their investment in our children. You might have seen our school building in the past. Though we've been blessed to have a school building on our property in the past, nothing compares to the great facilities we have now. Each teacher has a spacious room for their class and we also have a center room that holds the library and computers (yes, I said computer). This common area can be used for joint teaching or special resource center. The school also can host groups in the summer as they have very nice bathrooms attached. We are grateful for all of those who care for us as they provide for our children. We are grateful Northstar. Thank you. Our children wanted to show their appreciation. They each had a role or program passer outer ( that is a word), tour guide, lead prayer, passed out snacks,etc. They also recited Bible verses, poems, and even sang songs for all who were there. As one of the parents I couldn't have be prouder. I sat there thanking God for the solid foundation that was being laid in the hearts of our children, Ben, Luke and Mark.

domingo, 6 de enero de 2008

The beauty of new birth.......

Saturday God allowed me to go back to the Cadereyta. I haven't been in about two months. I was able to go with a family spending the end of their Christmas vacation on a mission trip with B2B. We were able (with the help of money given to the ministry) buy much needed diapers and formula for 25 babies all under a year of age. Here are just a few pictures of these babies. The first picture is actually of the grandmother holding her 14 day old grandson. The next mother has her 6 month old baby, who happens to be the youngest of 8 children. It explains a lot if she looks tired. She is. The last mother is Nuri. You have heard me speak and ask for prayer for Nuri. She is the last mother with her just one month old baby, Jose Angel. Jose Angel was being shy at first which is why I had to add the next picture of only him. As exciting as new babies are, I am excited and keep praying for the faith and possible new births in Christ for all of these women. Will you join me in praying for Nuri, Mari, Bartolla, and other mothers to know Christ's love that helps us with life.
Just a side note. When we went to Nuri's house, she wasn't there but we left our goodies there inside her home. She came home just five minutes after we had moved on. Her neighbors told her of our visit and she can walking down the road to show her son to us. Many visits I have seen Nuri distant and not very responsive. Today was very different and she seemed well. She was seeking us out which is a great sign that despite my poor Spanish I have a friendship with her. Any and all prayers are so welcome on behalf of this fifteen year old mom.

jueves, 3 de enero de 2008

Baby its cold outside.....

I've heared its cold in the Mid West. People have been telling us of below zero weather. Well its not that cold here but heat is of the importance. We are limited to when and how long we can run our heaters. Surely not all night and sometimes (like last night I think,) if we all have them on then the electricity goes out and no one can have heat. I have gone to bed with sweats on, a hat and even my slippers on my feet. It sure makes getting up difficult. We live on the second floor and if I remember correctly from elementary science, hot air rises. I think by most Mexican standards our house is warm. Most houses are made of cement and keep the cold inside. Many say they see their breath on a daily bases. Last night I woke up shivering and couldn't help but pray for my friends whose houses are not as warm. Would you join me in praying for them as winter weather has just begun. All of you experiencing below zero wind chills, I'm reminded that we should remember to Praise God for our warm houses, cars and places to work.