sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

I can't believe that we are in week 4 and I have not written a thing....

We talk to our groups who come here about taking time out to reflect on what God is teaching us and telling us and doing in and through us, so that we don't just experience and act and move on not allowing God to really change us. Lately I've lacked the reflecting time. I'm not trying to get out of work however I feel I need to work on reflecting and less of doing. In the American culture it seems lazy, or meaningless to spend the day sleeping or reflecting, praying and listening. But really it is where I need to be. I'm praying for God to prioritize my day. I want to play with my boys, talk about deep spiritual things with my sister and niece who are here. I want to be still and know that He is God. Not me. I need him to quiet me with his love. Zephania 3:17. Can you relate to a day full of your to do list. Pressure that seems like it will overwhelm you. Or are you resting, giving Him your burdens. If He can make water come from a rock for thirsty Israelites, He is big enough to give you what you need. Thank you Jesus.

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Happy Birthday Luke

Today Luke turns 11 years old. How wild is that. He is such a special boy. We can not love him more. He is sensitive yet kisses with a ton of gusto. He is very athletic and lives most of his life outside. He is funny and fun loving. His laugh is contagious. He has a heart for the Lord and looks out for others. We love you Luke.

Sharing the forgiveness God gives........

Recently we had a group from Campus Crusade for Christ come to the Rio. They were able to share the story of salvation and forgiveness through a drama. After the drama we had a women's Bible Study of accepting God's forgiveness for our sins. The women took turns reading about the various people in the Bible, their sins and how God forgave each and everyone of them if they only asked. We then took time to write our own sins on a piece of paper and put them on the cement floor in the center of the circle. We prayed as we saw our sins turn to ashes and disappear. Thanks was He does. We takes away our sins and throws it into the deepest ocean. We can never be good enough for the Lord. We need Him, we need to accept the gift of forgiveness and turn away from sin. We need to depend on the Holy Spirit to give us strength to not fall into our temptations and to live for Him. Amen.

School House Rock Live

This month our boys participated in their first musical. Ben was the stage hand as Mark and Luke each had speaking and singing parts. They performed several songs from School House Rock like 3 is a Magic Number, Noun is a person, place or thing, Elbow Room, Circulation and Interjection. They worked so hard and thoroughly enjoyed it. Miss Jessica also put in so many hours as she was quiet busy adjusting the play to fit our kids, teaching songs and dances 3 times a week. Miss Ruby helped too and provided a great back drop. This musical was one of the things I thought our kids were going to be able to experience being such a small school. However thanks to our great teachers, the did a great job and loved it. Yeah SMCA (Sierra Madre Christian Academy)