miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2007

Garage Sale for the Teens

Here are some pictures of my first garage sale here at B2B. It was the first time I saw people bring there dogs to a sale. At one time we had maybe 25-30 people and 4-5 dogs sniffing around, sleeping under tables or at the feet of their owners. The sale was to benefit the teens on our property. After paying a few of the teens that worked the sale about $550.00 US dollars were made. In one of the above pictures is my friend Norma Alicia who lives in our neighborhood. She brought her family who equaled about 8 people. Some are pictured with her.
Norma is in the pink tank top.

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2007

Its the raining season with down pours like I've never seen before

It's raining tonight. My mind goes to my friends in the Rio and the Cadereyta. They are feeling this so much more than I. I can look out our windows and somewhat admire the "beauty" in it all. I imagine Fani, Bartolla, and Nuri and fighting the leaks and trying to keep what they can dry. Their thoughts may be wondering how long the mud will keep the water truck out of their neighborhood. If this means no outside work for their husbands. Please pray for them as they go through this season. It dawns on me that we all have "rainy" seasons. Some we weather more than others. I don't have my Bible with me, but I'm reminded of a verse I read today about asking God to help us live in a way that shows we are worthy of the gospel. I pray that during my rainy seasons, my life reflects Christ. If you are going through a rainy season, I lift up a prayer for you today.

We are growing........

In just a few weeks we have added to our numbers for the teens who live on campus and go to school. They are a part of our Hope for Tomorrow program. We have ten new teens just this month. Please pray for Oscar (back row, 1srt), Beto (back row 2nd), Omar (back row, last), Claudia, Evelyn, Gabby, Melina (2nd row, 4th through 7th) Saul (2nd row last) and Rueben (1rst row, 1rst), and Carmen (1rst row, 5th). These teens begin school tomorrow. Most of them prepa (high school), one in college and two in the last year of secondaria (9th grade). Pray for them to grow in their faith, to grasp the live Jesus has for them and not hear the negative things Satan wants them to believe. Gracias. Thank you for letting us be a part in these teens lives. I look forward to telling you more about them.

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2007

Our staff is growing......

Antonio and Priscilla are staff that began working with back2back in January 2007. They have huge hearts to serve the Lord. They are active in the churches and have a heart to serve the indigenous people of Mexico. Currently Antonio is a captain for the Rayos de Luc Casa Hogar. This new children's home was started with a couple from the Rio who couldn't have children. Now they have over twenty kids they are taking care of. Antonio works with them to find out their needs and develop relationships so that through our groups and staff we can help raise these children to meet their physical and spiritual need. Antonio and his wife are bilingual and God has used them in many amazing ways. Just last week God has added to their family, a precious little girl, Zua. She is beautiful. The second picture includes Antonio's family who we also are blessed to know. They are a God centered family and we are better just knowing them. Felizidades Garcias!

First Day of School Photos

There are two teachers this year. Miss Ruby joined our B2B staff this month. She moved from Indiana and has many years experience of teaching K, 1 and 2 grade classes. This year she will teach all of those grades for SMCA (Sierra Madre Christian Academy). Miss Katie is returning this year with the 3,4 and 5th grade classes. All of our boys are so excited to start school. I am sure our teachers would love it if you joined us in praying for them as they pour their lives into our children.