sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

Pride and Humility

This seems to be what God is teaching me lately. I've been sitting on other things that happened last Saturday on our medical outreach to the Rio and Cadereyta area. I was so looking forward to reporting back to you all that God was going to do that day and quite frankly had in mind that I would be a significant part of all of that. Well, God had other plans.
As I have written before, I had encouraged my family to come along on this day. At the last minute I was asked to go to a different spot than my family was going. This took a moment to adjust to but I want to serve any place God would have me. And I knew my family would play a part in playing with the kids and enjoy themselves. I had planned to introduce my family to my many friends in the Cadereyta. Part of my agenda was to show off my friends and how many people I knew. God had other plans.
When I got to the Rio, I was asked to take a mainly Spanish speaker and our B2B Suburban and go pick up people in another location. I jumped at the chance, excited to bring more people to get help from these doctors. Meme and I started off in the suburban and I was quick to notice that a much shorter person had been driving this vehicle. I felt like I was inches from the windshield (a total exaggeration). As we made our way out of the Rio, Meme was quick to tell me something of which I stopped quickly since I wasn't sure what she wanted. It turned out that I hadn't seen a trench that we were getting ready to run into. Sighing in relief, I knew God had protected us. I thought we could have easily been stuck but....God had other plans.
The next 10 minutes, I hit a speed bump that sent 3 -5 gallon jugs of water pouring out in the middle of the vehicle, I had turned around once as I wasn't understanding Meme's directions.
When we got to Dos Rios, Meme went to gather those who were coming back to us and I opened all of the doors trying to empty out the water from the suburban. Surprisingly, only 3 women and 3 kids came back with us.
Upon the return trip, I found myself understanding Meme, less and less. I had to do a u turn in the middle of a road and the last intersection we went through a Volkswagen bug nearly ran into us. I really thought I was going to be in an accident, God had other plans.
All of this happened in the first 30 minutes. I had visions of being able to offer so much to God that day. ..my increasing Spanish, my medical knowledge, background and skills and my people skills and willingness to be apart of that day. God had other plans.
I spent the next hour or so fighting off Satan's lies. Lies like Meme would never drive with me again, that she would share with everyone all my mistakes, that if I couldn't drive 10 minutes what else couldn't I do, that my driving reflects my self worth, and had me questioning what I possibly had to offer to God.
After a few tears, much prayer, and encouragement from my friend Katie, the Lord brought me out of my low self esteem. He allowed me to see how He was using those around me. Friends of ours, who were praying for these people with a genuine heart, her preteen daughter who was loving serving him, the compassionate doctors whose compassion bridged the language gap, on staff offering the gospel to a man for the third time when this day he was ready, another staff who offered concern for a man under the influence of alcohol who chose not to be seen, and yet another staff who's heart was broken as he heard the stories of the people. I have done my fair share of feeling sorry for myself but that day the Lord helped me not to be stuck there.
Last Saturday, I thought I was offering myself to be used by the Lord. God had other plans.
God showed me that my worth is not found in my performance, what I do for him, or how others think of or see me as. My worth and identity is found in the Lord Jesus alone.
"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:10

martes, 24 de abril de 2007

They call her Miracle..........

I have more stories from last Saturday at the Rio and the Cadereyta. These pictures are from the Rio. As I have mentioned before the Rio is a shanty town where people have squatted on a plot of land at the edge of a farmer's property near the river. Last Saturday the two doctors that were with us saw many patients. Some came with diabetes, worms, malnutrition, colostomy (spelling?) bag, new injuries and problems from birth. So many stories but one girl stood out the most. I don't have a picture of her here but she was described to me as a beautiful girl with a contagious smile. About 13 years old. She looked healthy and happy. Her mom began to tell her story. She was born prematurely (at 5 months) as the doctors thought she was dead in her mother's womb. When she was delivered they found indeed she was alive. She was born about 800 grams and 8-9 inches long. In such a fragile state, the doctors needed to resuscitate her about 10 times. We were told that her survival that day was a miracle...... she has given antibiotics when she was young that cost her her hearing. She reads lips, does a little sign language and has a huge heart. She seemed to be accepted by her peers and extremely happy teenage girl. Her mother ended the story with this......because of all God has done for her.....we named her Miracle. The staff who was translating looked Miracle in the eyes and began to tell her that God has a plan for her life. It appeared that it was not the first time Miracle has heard those words. Would you join with me in praying for Miracle to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior and be open to the great things God has in store for her life.

Our make shift doctor's office. These girls were happy to see the doctor. Juan (B2B staff, standing) and Dr. Dave (sitting) seeing a patient. This is Guille and her two boys. You may recognize them from my other Blog.

lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

Praise God for the things he has done........

Last week I asked for prayer for our day with the doctors at the Rio, Dos Rio and the Cadereyta. God is so good and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting that day up in prayer. That day we saw people from our staff, about 10 doctors/nurses, church people, our own children, friends, and teens from our Hope program gathered together we went to serve the people of three different places where people live in need. God used us to meet people's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We had doctors and translators to find out the needs of these people. They were examined and given medication if needed. If they needed more, communication was started about how to meet those needs. They then were moved on to others who asked if they needed prayer. For one women it was prayer for her surgery to repair a hernia that without that surgery it would mean death and leaving her three small girls behind as orphans. For another man, he had dealt with chronic medical problems and had heard the gospel. It was this day that God moved in his heart to except Jesus as his Lord as Savior. Still for a 15 year old, she was facing the fact of being pregnant and what that meant for her. After prayer, people were given the book of John or Mark and also feed tomalis. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. I joined two physicans with a smaller group and went to the Rio and Dos Rio, while my husband and kids went to the Cadereyta. Our tasked varied as I was taking blood pressures, praying and transporting people from one place to another. Greg helped set up, talked with the crowd and got any necessary items for the doctors. Our boys Ben, Luke and Mark played soccer with the kids who were waiting to be seen. At the end of the day, they chose to leave their ball behind in order to let the kids continue playing. Thank you again for your prayers and support. I think all who were involved were touched by the Lord, those who served and those being served. As usual I think those of us who came to served seemed to walk away with more.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Preparing with Prayer

These are pictures of just a few of hundreds precious kids at the Cadereyta. The other photo is of families at the Cadereyta waiting in line for food that a group prepared for them. This coming weekend I have the opportunity to go with a medical team to serve the Lord by treating people at the Cadereyta. I have no way of knowing what to expect however they will attempt to see and treat as many people as possible and there are maybe 3-5 hundred who live in this area.
My family of eight would go on vacation, and my mother was a preparer. She prepared for everything. Packed the clothes, the food, the linens, the salt and pepper. She even planned for car sickness. One thing I learned from my mom was that big trips go better the better you plan for it.. Well, this weekend, I think will be a big trip. So I've decided to start now in prayer preparation. Would you join me in praying for the big trip. Here's how:
Pray that those doctors who are coming would hear what God wants them to bring so that just the right medicine and equipment would be available.
Pray for the Spiritual Battle that is being waged in some of these folks as there is all kinds of things Satan has people involved in.
Pray for hope that we all can have in Jesus and that everyone who is healed will see God the great Physician.
Pray for all of our hearts on the team going out so that we would be unified and all that we'd do would praise God.
Pray for God to work in mighty ways- healing and working in the hearts of all who are there.
Thank you. I can't wait to tell you what happens.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2007


I've been thinking a lot about healing lately. There is a staff women here that has recently experienced it. She was having pain and a raised area in her stomach area. She was told that she might have a hernia and she had a doctor's appointment set. The day of her appointment she attended a Bible Study. While she was there a women prayed for healing for her. When she went to the appointment the doctor could hardly tell where it was.
I recently took a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Healing was in my top three scores. I believe that God heals. I know I'm timid in praying for it and I don't want to be. I find myself praying for healing but not boldly. I find myself wanting to give God an out. Like, please heal him, if you wanna. Of course God wants to but maybe there is a reason for the process that has eternal purpose. I'm memorizing a verse in 2 Corinthians that says,"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far out weighs them all." So I know that sometimes God may have us suffer and not take away all that we experience. So how much should we pray for healing? I am fearful that my pride will try and take credit for praying for such healing. Lord, keep me from trying to take credit for your awesome power. I pray for God to develop the gift of healing in me. I pray that I would be lead to pray. That I would feel powerless so that He can be powerful. I pray for boldness and conviction to pray more as I am lead.
Tonight a staff guy twisted his ankle in a basketball game. This is not life threatening or anything like that. But I do think that God cares for us even in these things. Would you pray for Antonio. Pray that God would heal his ankle in a supernatural way. Pray that there would be no other way to explain it but that he was touched by God and that we won't be surprised when it happens. Obviously, I don't have this praying for healing down and I'm learning. I do know we are to pray for healing. What do you think?

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

How much is enough and how much is too much....

I have felt caught in two worlds since we have moved here. The have and the have nots. I am giving by nature and am gifted in giving. Say that three times fast. You see, quite frankly I would rather give and go without when I see a need. It if fulfilling and brings me joy. I realize not everyone feels this way and I'm ok with that. It has put me in a quandery though when I spend time with others with very little and appreciate any and everything God gives to them, then turn around and drop $70.oo on shoes for our three boys. Ben has graduated to Men's shoes and gone are the days when we can get him shoes for less than $20.00. Plus shoes or other clothing are a little more expense here in Monterrey. Sorry, see I am already justifying spending money on what seems like necessities, when I can't imagine how long the children at the Rio have gone without shoes that fit nevertheless new. I have begun to think that I might make a budget line for unexpected givings.
The culture here is so very different than in the US. Some things seem backwards- how long it takes to make anything concrete, traffic, just to name a few. And yet relationships are key here. I love that. The end to the means may be a long way off but the process is where it is. The process is relationships. I am slowly learning that when I go to someone when I want something, I'm not buttering someone up if I ask them how they are and how their family is before laying my request before them. I'm not use to asking "How are you?" and really wait for the answer. What does that say about how I've lived life so far. Like I've been saying let me say this quickly so I can get to what is really important. .....me.... I've wondered if I've offended anyone yet and they have just been too nice to tell me.
These are the things I've been pondering for a while. Let me know what you think?

viernes, 6 de abril de 2007

With 6 You Get An Eggroll

Thank you for your prayers. Today we were planning on having boys come to our house. God had different plans. We were able to ask three great girls- Teresa, Monica and Magali. These three joined in with a soccer game, sidewalk chalk pictures, lunch and a movie. We really had a great time. It also gave me new appreciation for what my parents did in raising six of us. Teresa is 16 and Mark was the youngest at 6 so there was quite a span of activities happening.
I wanted to be able to share about the fact that today is Good Friday and the hope that we have knowing that Easter Sunday is coming. That will have to wait until my Spanish is better. I was able to ask if they had fun and all three said yes with no hesitation. Praise God for what we are able to be a part of.

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2007

A definitely Good Friday.....More prayer requests......

We have an opportunity to host a boy or two on Friday from the Casa Hogar Douglas about less than a mile from here. The Casa Hogar kids have two weeks off of school and many go home with parents, grandparents or Aunt and Uncles for that time. There are a handful though that don't go anywhere. On Friday Beth will help us find out who might be available to come to our house to play. If its nice we'll swim and play outside. If not we'll pull out our games in hopes that they know how to play them. I'm excited about Friday. The boys aren't sure because they just know they can't speak Spanish. I'm convinced that by the end of the day our boys will want to know when they can come back. Please pray for the boys that come here. That they will feel at home, have fun and feel like they have experienced some fun they can share with their friends at school after the break. We also pray that God will bridge any language gaps the boys or Greg and I might have. Thanks for your prayers.

domingo, 1 de abril de 2007

Ben's 10th Birthday Celebration

Ben decided to celebrate his birthday with a bowling and sliding party with friends. We went to a nearby bowling alley and had fun figuring out our Mexican shoes sizes. After bowling we went to Chipinque which is a park on a mountain with cement slides. The kids loved sliding down alone or together. We celebrated with the community and opening presents from extended family. We had a great time.

March 25th Mark's birthday celebration

We want to show you what our kids have been doing to enjoy their birthdays. Mark had a sleep over with 4 friends to join him in party games, video games and a movie. We also celebrated with the community with a cookie cake and then our family opened up gifts from Grandmas and Grandpas , Aunts, Uncles, cousins and brothers.