sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

Four girls four years old and under.....

Sounds challenging huh? Well that's what Edgar and Cony, the directors for Manantial de Amor are looking at in just a short time. She has 2 more weeks left and is in need of prayer. The staff women of B2B held a shower for her a couple of weeks ago. She's the one in brown on the couch in the picture. Her girls are in there two. She is expecting twins and at the time of our shower she didn't even have diapers or anything for these babies. She and Edgar and the girls live in one room in the girls home with about 15 preteen and teenage girls. The need for prayer and daily things like diapers, formula, etc are great. Would you pray for Edgar and Cony as they prepare for the arrival of these two little ones. Pray for time to themselves, which is super difficult as Cony can't leave the home until she delivers. Pray for health for the babies, adjustments for the big sisters, Hanah and Demari. Edgar and Cony have deep faith and a lot of love for children however these will be tough times. Thank you for your prayers.

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

Please pray......

The Teen Hope Program

Back2Back's Prepa and University students for the 2007-2008 school year
Prepa and University students for the 2008-2009 at Back2Back, Monterrey Mexico.
(Plus Marelene and Marilyn who graduated)
We recently took staff and community pictures. We are so excited about what God is doing here in the Hope Program. God is working in so many ways by connecting people from the states and staff (teen house parents and those working with the teens) and these teens to provide them an opportunity to study and finish high school and for some continue on to college. We have the privledge to see this teens who are striving to become future social workers, computer programers, graph designers, doctors, criminal justice and the list goes on.
Please pray for these kids.
Pray that they would stop hearing the lies that they can't and see what God wants them to be
Pray that they would learn of a faith that they can have all their own with Jesus that is personal and powerful.
Pray for the tough times that so many need to go through as the Lord "prunes" them.
Pray for the parents as they follow the Lord in his leading and guide these teens in their walk with the Lord.
Pray for finances.
Pray for patience and wisdom, friends, good choices.
Thank you

miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

New Staff and some Old Staff with New Roles

We want to introduce to you to some new staff and new roles of some old staff, so that when I write about them, you'll know who I'm talking about.
First of all, we have a new family that moved here from Loveland, Ohio. J.J. and Mandy Lail have two children, Sofia and Neco. They are going to be the house parents of our last house that is being finished here on our property. They hope to be in their home by Jan. 2009. They will most likely take a few boys that will be finishing up their Secondaria schooling and beginning their high school (or Prepa) in next August.
The next photo is of our STINTer's. Kenzi Couch (she was our Nanny this summer, and we loved here) from Oklahoma, Becca Gant (from Oklahoma), Caroline Burns (from Florida). They have committed to be here for atleast one year working as staff with groups or however God leads them.
Finally, you probably recognize Gabo and Kelly Velasco who have been on staff at B2B for a while now. They have had so many roles I'm not sure I can recall them all, however at the start of this month, they have moved into one of our teen homes and are the parents of the newest girl teen house. Currently they have four girls- 2 from Douglas and 2 from Manantial de Amor.
We are excited to see how God uses each and everyone of these staff people. Please pray for them as they adjust, learn, trust and believe in God as He will use each one to His glory.

First Day take 2

Monday was the first day of school for all of our boys atleast. We still have one family really fighting this sickness. Please pray for the Cooper clan. It can't be fun and they are all out of school so far this week. If you are a mom or feel extra burdened for the moms, please pray extra for Julie to have patience, strength and love for all her sick ones.
The boys are super excited to go to their new classrooms and teachers. Ben and Luke have Miss Hope and are excited for her hands on way of teaching. Mark has Miss Ruby and loves the songs and activities he gets to do in her class. We praise God for our teachers.

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

First day of school, kinda???

Our school has started today, however a couple of families are fighting a nasty virus. Ben and Mark are two of the casualties. Therefore only 11 of the 15 students went. The above picture is of 9 of them as the 2 kindergarteners go 1/2 hour later. Would you please pray for all who are sick as some parents have been down too. Greg is better Praise God but Corrie is still down with her two of her kids as are Mark and Ben. Pray for protection for the rest of us as it lasts 5-7 days and is very bad. Thank you. Monday we will try and have another "first day of school" as the curriculum isn't here yet either. Our teachers are great and using these day to get to know their students.

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Sending Sopa to School.......

Thanks to a couple who came this summer Sopa is in school and loving it. She began 1rst grade a couple of weeks ago. She is in the middle of this first picture and second to the right in the other. Her mother is very young with a baby at home and couldn't begin to afford school. God is showing Sopa how He cares for her and is using this couple from Cincinnati to do that. I love how God works.

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

Please pray against sickness.....

Some nasty viral infection is going around. Greg has it, John, Corrie, (their daughter Sarah) and Tim all seem to have it. Its nasty and spreading. No time is good, but it comes at a time that many things need to get acomplished here on our campus. Thank you prayer warriors.