martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Milagros yet another proof that she was rightly named....

Milagros means miracle in Spanish. I know her mom has seen her name come true in many times throughout her life, including a Sunday about a week ago. Milagros graduated from beauty school with help from many Cincinnati friends who answered a leading of God's voice. This journey began about 3 years ago when an audiologist came to visit the Rio community where Milagros lives. He met her and her mom and was moved by God to help Milagros. During the course of three years God provided her with hearing aids to help her hear sounds for safety. She attended school to learn sign language. After about 1 1/2 years in beauty school, she has graduated and got her degree. She very well may be the only one in her community who has graduated from anything.
The day was full of presenting her work, judges results, dinner, along with mingling with teachers, friends and family. Milagros was quiet, humble and yet exuded confidence as she presented her model who had makeup, hair, nails, etc. all done by Milagros. Her teacher spoke for her to explain to the judges all Milagros had done. You could see communication had not been a problem between her friends and teachers. When she went up to accept her diploma, there was not a dry eye at our table. God clearly has a plan for this girl. Now we are trusting that he will lead her to a trusting employer. Because of her unique style of communication Milagros needs to have a secure place to work. A place where someone won't take advantage of her. Pray that God will lead us to this place, as we are trusting he will.

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

just a few things of what God has done this year.....WOW

So since the year is winding down, I have been reflecting back to all that God has been up to this year and feeling blessed that Greg and I get to be a small part of it all. Here's a list of just a few of these things.
God has
-rescued three kids out of the hand of a witch
-restored a runaway to his mom
-given me a miraculous 5 hours of clear thinking with my mom who has Alzheimer's
-beginning to restore a family in the Rio
-given the opportunity for a teenager who is deaf from the Rio graduate from beauty school. She just might be the first in her community to graduate from anything.
-brought many to himself through a saving faith in Jesus Christ
-freed many visitors here from bondage of things like depression and fear just to name a few
-done a work in our own family to bring about unity and openness that only comes through Christ
-touched the hearts of many to provide a new property and facility to bring a children's home with three locations down to 2 locations.
-supernaturally continues to heal emotional and spiritual trauma at the children's homes that we serve.
-He has been comforting teens that in return have been used to comfort other kids on two different mission trips
-given our family the opportunity to befriend three boys. And from these relationships we have been enriched.
-continued to do a work in our lives to show us the authority and gifting we have in Jesus and the Holy Spirit
It goes on and on and on. Praise God for the many things he has done and how we somehow get to be privileged to be a part of it in any small way possible.

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

Ministered by my mentee........

For over a year now I've been meeting with a teenage girl who is in our Hope Program. We often meet together to talk about it "all". Sometimes relationships, boyfriends, friends, family, school life, the usual "goings on". dreams and admirations. We pray sometimes talk about Scripture. I've come to really enjoy her and often look forward to our time together. Recently I had been going through a spiritual low. Like I have had a cloud over my head. Spiritually attacked I have struggled with my time with the Lord and holding up my commitments. One night I was suppose to attend a staff women party and really felt so sad that I new that if I had gone I was going to cry without the ability to hold it together. So I didn't go. However the rest of my family had things to do. I found myself alone and really feeling sorry for myself. Then she came to the door. My mentee. She came in and immediately knew I had been crying. After asking me how I was and hearing me out, she prayed with me. She encouraged me by sharing a time where she had fallen away from the Lord. At that time, God spoke to her in the shower encouraging her to spend time with Him. When she did she was covered with the peace of Jesus Christ. She prayed for me and my relationship with Jesus. After she left I knew that night I had been the mentee and she was the mentor. Praise God for how He uses us. I think that night we both felt blessed for the relationship that God has given to us.