domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012


It wasn't my idea to spend 24 of my last 48-60 hours in Mexico in the hospital.  but looking back I am so thankful for that time.  You see, my body tried to pass a kidney stone the thursday before we were to leave Sunday morning the last of July.  After about 3 hours of pain that went  from horrible to unbearable, I found myself at the ER of our local hospital in Monterrey.  Although the story is funny, I really wanna focus on what God did.  As I looked out my room after having a procedure to decrease the size and them tons of antibiotics to fight the infection in my kidney, I was arguing with God about the plans that I had to meet with people. That He had really messed this up for me.  After hours of moping and much prayer.  I felt that God was showing me that with him I can endure much pain.  He reminded me of the well wishes and advise I had been giving by many of my friends in Mexico.  Many had told me, "You are stronger than you think you are."  This seemed an odd thing to say to me I felt as I was leaving.  What does that mean?  I am stronger than I think I am?  Hmmmm.  Then as I was literally rolling around the floor in my bathroom, bedroom and bed.  I remember asking my husband to read the Psalms to me.  I remember crying out in pain and desperation for Jesus to take away my pain, for Him to comfort me and for Him to get me through it all.  I was in so much pain that periodically I found myself vomiting.  Those of you who have had a kidney stone know what I mean.  As I was whining in that hospital bed, I heard God echo those words spoken by so many of my friends.  "Cathy, WITH ME, you are stronger than you think."  Wow,  God was giving me perspective that seemed so much more mature that I really am.  I remember thinking, " Ok, Lord, if this is what you had in mind for me for my last day or so.  So be it."  However I did talk the Dr. into letting me out the next day and start on an oral antibiotic and come back to his office to get my cath out.
In just over a week, we will have been in the states for 3 months.  No one could have prepared me for all the pain, grieving, and struggles we have endured.  To some it may seem like nothing as there are always someone worse than you, I know.  But Jesus continues to sustain us and give us what we need. If I choose to see it, God gives me the perspective to see what he is doing, so that instead of whining about what should be, I can grasp what is.  I can't tell you why I had a kidney stone two days before we were to leave Mx.  I can't tell you why things are happening in our lives as they are.  Perhaps you are struggling understanding things in your own life.  I wanna encourage you, like my friends did me,
 "In JESUS, you are stronger than you think!"

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

More moving pictures

 Good friends- Meme and Tere
 such great help moving
Thanks Juan, Steve, Gabo and Adam.

So Tough to say Goodbye.....

 great friends and co workers- Edgar and Conny
 Conny- a great friend
staff and interns praying for us
 The Ross family
 Manantial de Amor sang and put on a program for us
 The kids praying over our family
Nothing more powerful than that of a prayer of children

Ben's 9th grade graduation

 Ben with Shirley and Shannen
 the grad with his brothers
 Celebrating Ben and Alonna 
 Ben with his proud parents
 Ben with a good friend, Shirley
 The Fam
 Ben and his friends
 Ben with Proud mom
 His supporters
Alonna 6th grade graduate, Ben from 9th

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Our God is so Big......

Saturday I sat next to a mom from on of our homes.  She has four kids and last year lost her job when her kids came to stay with her for the 6 weeks they have off school.  She was telling me how she really wants to raise her kids and how hard it is to do so on her own.  She feels so lonely.  She has four boys close in age and young.  As we talked I found myself praying for her.  Finally I told her that I was praying that God would bring someone into her life.  A woman who would encourage her, love on her and her boys.  She has had someone from B2B helping her and supporting her and giving her time to rest periodically.  I could see that she wanted more and needed more.  I asked God what I could do for her, especially as we are leaving Monterrey, Mexico in just three weeks to move to Cincinnati, Ohio.  As we sat poolside watching her boys, God said just pray.  So we did.  Sunday I was working with a Mexican woman , Gloria, who God has brought her to minister to widows.  As we talked she was so excited that God had brought her to the same children's home as my friend from Sat.  She said,"  You know what Cathy,  God showed me a widow with whom I can disciple.  I was getting ready to say the name of my friend when she said her name first.  I couldn't believe it.  God is so good.  I am sure I am not the first to pray for support for my friend and God continues to rain support down on her.   I didn't know that my friend is a widow but it God brought just the right person to disciple her.  Gloria, a widow herself for several years can encourage and speak truth to her.  Praise God for He is so very Big.

sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Luke's 13h birthday,basketball and sunset

Luke's Baptism july 22, 2012

Huffer Announcement: It is hard to believe that we have been serving the Lord here in Monterrey, Mexico for nearly 6 years! We want all of our friends and fellow ministry partners to know that the Lord has called us to return to the States and pastoral ministry. And so on or around July 29th, we are moving pack to Cincinnati. While our future plans are not definite yet, we are certain about our call to return. We are aware that it might seem crazy to move without all the details in place, but we are trusting the Lord and it is never crazy to do that! (And yes, Abraham has come to my mind on more than one occasion!) We ask for your prayers as we continue to wait on the Lord for the details of our future. As we learn more, we will be sure to update all of you. Each of you have been such a special part of our lives and we are grateful for your involvement and encouragement!

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Extra Special out of the Mundane

r feel like you are just walking through life in the mundane. Nothing special just plain ole life. I sometimes go through that. However, lately God is showing me how He makes the mundane extra special. Let me tell you about a recent orthodontist trip turned extra special. Above is Adi Leslie, a girl from one of our homes. She had a woman tell her that she wanted to pay for braces for her if she wanted them. I actually happened to be the one to translate that conversation and never before have I seen that reaction to the possibility of braces. She was crazy excited. Jumping up and down, she screamed "Yes, Lord, Yes." When I picked her up for her first appointment I realized why the wild reaction. You see, two years before, Leslie began to feel weird about her teeth and had began praying to God that she could have braces. When she told me this, I thought who prays for braces. Truly a girl who couldn't see it happening other than through the help of Jesus. Just having this info, made me feel blessed to be part of the process that God was answering her prayers. She then shared with me what God was doing in her life. She had been to a teen retreat that a group called 121 and B2B hosted. God had spoke to her about her identity in Christ there and had called her to be a missionary. He showed her through a vision that she is called to go to Africa one day. After her appointment she shared with me deep insight of why God would choose her and that with the power of the Holy Spirit she would someday work with children there. We spoke about the two different cultures and I remember her saying, " Africa and Mexico share something in common. We both are from oppressed cultures and I think God will use that in and through me to relate to the kids." I was floored with what I heard and had to remind myself that she was only 14 years old. The next time I took her to her appt. she brought with her glasses from another girl in her home. They were broken and she wanted to see if we could stop by and get them fixed for her. When we stopped in a store near the orthodontist, the owner spoke with us briefly before asking if we were missionaries. In my limited thinking, I thought he probably thinks I must be cause I'm white. Leslie, with her new calling, spoke first and said "Yes, we are." When I asked how he knew, he said that he could sense it in his spirit. I immediately felt convicted in my limited thinking. We ended up having a great conversation and I could see the Holy Spirit working in Leslie's life. Today I thought would be just another trip to the dentist, instead I was ministered to by Leslie. Praise God for the life I'm blessed to live.

miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Our God is not silent......

Above, is an old picture of some kids from Cadereyta a poor area in which we minister. I wanted to share how I experienced hearing God's voice last week with a friend who lives in this neighborhood. First I need to tell you that I did nothing to deserve seeing God work like this. He is really THAT good that He allows us to see him in action.
OK, here it goes. Last week we took a group of 5 people to work in a poor community. I worked for our first year here at this location and wondered if I would see anyone I knew. Praise God, as the group began to serve the people food in the church, I noticed my friend. We will call her, Maria. Maria was with her three cute girls and I recognized her from the beginning. In fact the last time I saw her I embarrassed myself so badly. I asked her when she was due when in fact she wasn't pregnant. Who says those kind of things, ahhh me, sad to say. Anyway.
As I sat down and spoke to her kids, we were catching up when God reminded me that I had brought some spanish scripture in my backpack. Not sure if you've seen this but their are many resources that allows you to connect a theme or feeling with a verse from the Bible. For example if you are down or facing hard times , you read Psalms 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
As I read that verse with one of her daughters, her face changed. I heard God
"Ask her how her marriage is going."
With confidence that only comes from the Lord, I asked her. She immediately looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Bad," she said quickly.
I immediately asked if she wanted to pray about it and she hesitantly agreed. During our prayer, God spoke again.
"Ask her if her husband abuses her." It was more than a thought in my head. The Holy Spirit allowed me to respond quickly, without much thought to the fact that I really hardly knew her and that we hadn't really talked in four years.
Again shocked she said, "Yes, he does."
I remember thinking what am I getting into. Quickly reminded the Lord I wasn't qualified for this discussion. But he didn't let up. Our conversation continued with the Lord guiding me to ask more questions, to pray, to ask more questions, etc. Quickly the Lord showed me that we weren't to cry out to the Lord to change her husband but to talk about how God was pursuing her. How she naturally was angry and she was seeing it affect her girls. How He was pursuing her to heal her, forgive her anger against God, himself and to love on her as she deserved.
Well, by no means did we solve it all right there and then. God spoke to Maria that He was pursuing her and that He doesn't give up. That he is near the brokenhearted and He is near her. Will you pray with me for "Maria". I have since gone back to see her and give her a Bible but she had gone to be with her mom for two days. Pray for healing, protection, and her to be able to somehow open herself up to his love. I can't imagine the hurt she feels but I know the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the miracles He can perform.

martes, 24 de enero de 2012

What a difference glasses can make.....

Abraham and Luis are brothers. They have struggled with reading and school work. One day their caregiver asked me if I thought anyone would consider giving money for them to get their eyes checked. The thought that eye care could up their grades made sense to me if they had problems. It seemed like such an easy fix. We took the two boys and three girls to get their eyes checked. All five had issues. Two had to wear their glasses permanently while the others have to wear them to read, do homework and at school. Praise God for the generous donor that allowed these kids to have their sight and expand their opportunities.

A lesson learned again........

If you have flown before you've heard it...... the schpeal that the flight attendant shares about putting on your oxygen mask before assisting others. Sometimes in ministry we get caught up in what we are "suppose" to do. Sometimes we forget that we need to rest, have time with the Lord, eat well and exercise. Greg and I recently remembered to care for ourselves so that we can better care for others. Here are some photos from a hike we recently took. It was a beautiful get away, time to pray, laugh, exercise and enjoy one another. Don't forget to put on your mask.....

martes, 3 de enero de 2012

this video reflects my New Years thoughts.....

below is translation of the song.
Yesterday I saw you
it was clearer than the moon
in me doubts did not stay
it was a clear appearance
my heart jumped when I saw you
yesterday I saw you
after looking you for so much
before the sun goes out and
to ask you to leave me
to see your face in prayer

(clause)yesterday I saw you
I saw you in street children
without a place to sleep
I saw you in its widespread hands
asking for bread to live
I saw you in its eyes so bright
and in his smile titubiante
yesterday I saw you
I saw you in a hospital room
in solitude I saw you crying
I saw you in a troubled face
of a patient desperate without
hope of living tired of so much suffering
yesterday I saw you
yesterday I saw you
You are disguised and you hide from my sight but
yesterday I saw you, yesterday I saw you