martes, 24 de enero de 2012

What a difference glasses can make.....

Abraham and Luis are brothers. They have struggled with reading and school work. One day their caregiver asked me if I thought anyone would consider giving money for them to get their eyes checked. The thought that eye care could up their grades made sense to me if they had problems. It seemed like such an easy fix. We took the two boys and three girls to get their eyes checked. All five had issues. Two had to wear their glasses permanently while the others have to wear them to read, do homework and at school. Praise God for the generous donor that allowed these kids to have their sight and expand their opportunities.

A lesson learned again........

If you have flown before you've heard it...... the schpeal that the flight attendant shares about putting on your oxygen mask before assisting others. Sometimes in ministry we get caught up in what we are "suppose" to do. Sometimes we forget that we need to rest, have time with the Lord, eat well and exercise. Greg and I recently remembered to care for ourselves so that we can better care for others. Here are some photos from a hike we recently took. It was a beautiful get away, time to pray, laugh, exercise and enjoy one another. Don't forget to put on your mask.....

martes, 3 de enero de 2012

this video reflects my New Years thoughts.....

below is translation of the song.
Yesterday I saw you
it was clearer than the moon
in me doubts did not stay
it was a clear appearance
my heart jumped when I saw you
yesterday I saw you
after looking you for so much
before the sun goes out and
to ask you to leave me
to see your face in prayer

(clause)yesterday I saw you
I saw you in street children
without a place to sleep
I saw you in its widespread hands
asking for bread to live
I saw you in its eyes so bright
and in his smile titubiante
yesterday I saw you
I saw you in a hospital room
in solitude I saw you crying
I saw you in a troubled face
of a patient desperate without
hope of living tired of so much suffering
yesterday I saw you
yesterday I saw you
You are disguised and you hide from my sight but
yesterday I saw you, yesterday I saw you