sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Luke's 13h birthday,basketball and sunset

Luke's Baptism july 22, 2012

Huffer Announcement: It is hard to believe that we have been serving the Lord here in Monterrey, Mexico for nearly 6 years! We want all of our friends and fellow ministry partners to know that the Lord has called us to return to the States and pastoral ministry. And so on or around July 29th, we are moving pack to Cincinnati. While our future plans are not definite yet, we are certain about our call to return. We are aware that it might seem crazy to move without all the details in place, but we are trusting the Lord and it is never crazy to do that! (And yes, Abraham has come to my mind on more than one occasion!) We ask for your prayers as we continue to wait on the Lord for the details of our future. As we learn more, we will be sure to update all of you. Each of you have been such a special part of our lives and we are grateful for your involvement and encouragement!