miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Extra Special out of the Mundane

r feel like you are just walking through life in the mundane. Nothing special just plain ole life. I sometimes go through that. However, lately God is showing me how He makes the mundane extra special. Let me tell you about a recent orthodontist trip turned extra special. Above is Adi Leslie, a girl from one of our homes. She had a woman tell her that she wanted to pay for braces for her if she wanted them. I actually happened to be the one to translate that conversation and never before have I seen that reaction to the possibility of braces. She was crazy excited. Jumping up and down, she screamed "Yes, Lord, Yes." When I picked her up for her first appointment I realized why the wild reaction. You see, two years before, Leslie began to feel weird about her teeth and had began praying to God that she could have braces. When she told me this, I thought who prays for braces. Truly a girl who couldn't see it happening other than through the help of Jesus. Just having this info, made me feel blessed to be part of the process that God was answering her prayers. She then shared with me what God was doing in her life. She had been to a teen retreat that a group called 121 and B2B hosted. God had spoke to her about her identity in Christ there and had called her to be a missionary. He showed her through a vision that she is called to go to Africa one day. After her appointment she shared with me deep insight of why God would choose her and that with the power of the Holy Spirit she would someday work with children there. We spoke about the two different cultures and I remember her saying, " Africa and Mexico share something in common. We both are from oppressed cultures and I think God will use that in and through me to relate to the kids." I was floored with what I heard and had to remind myself that she was only 14 years old. The next time I took her to her appt. she brought with her glasses from another girl in her home. They were broken and she wanted to see if we could stop by and get them fixed for her. When we stopped in a store near the orthodontist, the owner spoke with us briefly before asking if we were missionaries. In my limited thinking, I thought he probably thinks I must be cause I'm white. Leslie, with her new calling, spoke first and said "Yes, we are." When I asked how he knew, he said that he could sense it in his spirit. I immediately felt convicted in my limited thinking. We ended up having a great conversation and I could see the Holy Spirit working in Leslie's life. Today I thought would be just another trip to the dentist, instead I was ministered to by Leslie. Praise God for the life I'm blessed to live.