miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

stayed tuned.....Tomorrow is the kitchen demolishion

Please pray for Greg, Jim, Mauricio and Rodo (I think thats all who is going) as they demolish the kitchen at MdA and put in new cabinets for the girls home. There are so many who have given to this project. Specifically Bert Giles church and so many others. Greg has been saving monies left over from other project and thanks to the NC church finally has enough to do this big job. Edgar and Cony are excited and will be able to have dinner brought in tomorrow since their kitchen will be in shambles. Pray that all will go smoothly. Anyone who has ever do a DIY project knows that there often are unknown variables that can slow up progress, cost more money or just discourage you. I am praying against this and that the attitudes of the guys will be testimonies to Edgar and Cony and the girls living there.

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Praying for troubled times and ending in Praise....

Today in our Bible Study we prayed for so many things that are going on in the staff and their families. People's loved ones in the hospital, bad news of cancer, unknown sickness, ongoing sickness, the list grew as we shared. We have felt God doing something with our staff, awakening people to a deeper walk, to new levels of faith, things are happening. With this growth we are experiencing spiritual attacks as well. As we prayed we were praying through our list, praying and petitioning to God on the behalf of ourselves, families and others. We prayed through Psalms and what God promises and as we continued for around an hour God turned our troubles into praise to Him. He was giving us Joy in the midst of concern and worry. He lifted our burdens and in return gave us a dance. It's like that song...... "I'm changing my sorrows for the joy of the Lord." amen

weekend fun and prayer request

This weekend Greg and Ben had a father/son weekend in McAllen, Tx. Which allowed Luke ,Mark and myself to enjoy some good time together. We had a great time with sleepovers in our family room. Some times in ministry its all about the urgent needs of others. Don't get me wrong, I love what we do and feel called to where we serve. This weekend God reminded me of another calling I had long before this one and that is to serve my family. God is teaching me about praying through how I use my time when a need arises. Do I serve to be doing or am I doing the will of God? If I'm really truthful many times I serve to feel good, to say "look what I did, " instead of seeking what God would have me do. Instead of seeing how God would fill a need, meet a person where they are, praying and following God's lead. This past weekend we also had the opportunity to watch 5 kids of a staff family here as they took their youngest to the hospital. We had a blast with the Cooper kids. I'm impressed how they play with girls. Sounds funny to write but true. Will you lift Caleb Cooper up in prayer. Today is the 4th day he is in the hospital. They are looking at the his ankle, did a bone biopsy. No true answers yet. Thank you for your prayers.

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Pray for God to provide education for Geraldo and Gregorio o

Also for next year for Angel. Pictured here is Gregorio, a boy from Manantial de Amor. He is in prepa or high school and lives at the childrens home. This week I spoke to Cony and prayed with her. Her first response to what to pray for was help with Gregorio and Geraldos education. Right now the home is paying for it because they know the importance education has on the future of these boys. However they also are struggling to provide this for them. With fewer positions in our Hope Program and place for them already at MdA we are praying that God will provide for a sponsor for these boys so they can continue their education. Will you pray for us. If God puts it on your heart to help, let us know and well send you the details. Thank you for your prayers.

Before kitchen at Manantial de Amor.......

Stay tuned next week to see the after shots. Pray for Greg and the other staff men as they take out the old and install the new next week in only 2 days.

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

We have a camera again.

Our family wants to praise God and thank all that He chose to us to encourage us, support us, who wrote letters to the government on our behalf to see if we could get our passports cheaper (this is still pending, we'll let you know what we find out). Those of you who sent us money so that we could retrieve our things and help pay for expenses we didn't expect (an extra week in the states that accumulated over 6,000 miles on our car). Thank you to those of you who prayed for us, gave us encouraging words or a bed to sleep on and a meal (or two or three). We are so blessed and praise God for allowing us to be in His family.

Introducing some new faces from the Rio

Twin girls and a baby boy was born in the last few weeks at Meme's Rio. Magdelina had twin girls and Chavela had a boy. All babies seem to be well. Praying for them and their health as the weather has brought many the flu or colds.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Lost without a camera......

We are so blessed. So many of you sacrificed and donated so much to us that we are able to retrieve all of what we lost. We have bought suitcases, bilingual Bible, and a camera. We praise God for how all of you have blessed our socks off. He really showed His love to us that while we were here our hotel had water issues which meant we got to stay in a jacuzzi room that we never would have sprung for otherwise. Things are nice but God is really showing us how He cares and loves us. How He cares for who we are, not what we do.
These past two weeks we have seen God moving in us as a staff (individually and small groups, even corportately). Prayer is growing essential on our campus. Prayer for revival, for spiritual protection, wisdom and discernment for direction, etc. Would you like to join us in prayer? Here's how.
Opening our eyes to want more of God. That He is doing something in our lives and on our campus.
God has given us good communication amongst staff and teens. Its beginning with our teens. Not great (please pray)
Given us time for rest, raising support and taking care of things usually are put aside
Prayer Request-
Pray for a revival on our campus- staff, kids, teens
Pray for accountability groups that we as a staff have
Pray for direction that God is our center and our relationship with Christ is first and foremost
Pray for God to penetrate the hearts of those hurting hearts of those we work with
Pray that we lead groups in what God has us doing in each home and outreach place and following His leading.
Personally, please pray for our boys who are limited in their friends here on campus. Pray for openness to new ways and places to make friends.
Protection of our marriage, our family and community. Satan hates the good stuff God is doing in and among us.
Prayer Requests