lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2007

Pray for your missionaries.......

So many times I feel so blessed. The situations that are new to us here in Mexico have been easier because so many of our co-staffers had experienced it before us. Doctors, working visas, surgery, dental work, car work done, join soccer teams, etc. etc. All these things we had help with. I often think of those missionaries who are on their own. Those that experience firsts with no ones help. Who don't have a group to debrief tough times. Who struggle with a new language, new culture, burdens of a ministry, or plain tough times. As I reflect on our year here, we count our blessings, but we also take note of the many difficult times we have had. We know that God has brought us through them with many of your prayers. We covet your prayers. Missionaries get down and depressed too. Please continue to pray for us in 2008.
Pray for our continued focus to be on the Lord.
Pray for the low times that God would see us through
Pray that we would be obedient no matter what He asks from us.
Pray for our children that they would have more friends.
Pray for our language skills to grow leaps and bounds as we see our ministry in relationships.
Pray for patience as we trust God in big ways.
Thank you for your prayers. If you know other missionaries who are on their own, pray for them. Then contact them so they know you have not forgotten them. That you have their back in prayer. What a ministry you can have that way.

Thanks to donations from Northstar Vineyard......

Our boys, along with the other staff children have a new school. Ben, Luke and Mark would like to tell you about it. Ben likes having more space then the old school. Luke says it has air conditioning. Mark likes the fun bean bag chairs they can read in. This new school has a room for the K-2nd grades and a room for the 3-5 graders and a central room for the library and joint teaching sessions. It has been great to have more room and really be able to move about as they do their school work. We have so many needs with the children's homes that we serve and the needy communities that we work with. Having such a great environment for our kids to learn in allows the staff to do and serve where we feel called to without our children going without. Thank you for all the people who funded and worked on this great school.

jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2007

Over the top.....

I've been wrestling with reverse culture shock. Ok, I think I am. Anyway, I have realized while being home for 10 days for Christmas how much I was used to and can jump back into having excess at my fingertips. Food is the biggie. Any kinds, around any corner. Eating as much as I want or can. I am reminded of my friends who don't have enough to stay healthy. I so struggle with what I need and what I want or should have. Somehow life in the US is easier. I don't have to be reminded of the way other people live and yet would I really be happy. I am in deep emotions and by no means am I saying living in the states is bad. For me its seems easier to live the simple life. Any thoughts on my ramblings? I'd love to hear from you.

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone....

As we gear up for a return trip to the states to spend Christmas with family and friend, I wanted to thank God for all that he has done for us. We often take time out to remember what has happened over the year. So here it is

New Believers in Christ: Teens like Carolina, Gabby, Angel. It all comes down to this. Mexicans, Americans, teens, young children all asking Jesus to forgive their sins and be Lord of their lives.

Baptisms: We were overjoyed to be able to baptize several Americans as God grabbed their hearts during their mission trips here to Monterrey.

Continued Ministry to Children’s Homes: After adding Rayitos de Luz (Rays of Light), a new children’s home in desperate condition, we now serve 9 children’s homes in Monterrey and its surrounding areas. That means that we are continuing to provide Care for Today to over 400 children in the name of Jesus.

Field Trips: One option that groups have when they come is to take children from one of the homes on a field trip: an amusement park, swimming, hiking in the mountains, etc. This gives the kids an opportunity to do something that they’d never have the chance to do, and it gives their caregivers who are on 24/7 a much needed break.

Teens on Campus: After adding 10 new teens to the Hope Ministry, we are now at an all time high of 27 teens on campus living in 5 different Teen Homes. That means that there are 27 teens continuing in education rather than ending at 9th grade. That means 28 kids have the opportunity to get a college degree and find Hope for a drastically improved life over what they would have had if the Hope Ministry did not exist or wasn’t well-supported from people like you.

Construction Projects:

· Two new Teen Homes bringing the total to 5 with groundbreaking for 2 more already underway.

· A medical clinic is half way finished, providing a road for even more comprehensive ministry to those we serve.

· SMCA-The Sierra Made Christian Academy where the missionary kids attend school now have a new building in which they can spread out and will double as a computer lab for the teens on campus in the Hope Ministry.

· A new church building is underway at the Cadereyta shanty town for even better ministry and outreaches.

· Numerous improvements in living and play conditions for the children in the children homes.

Outreaches to Cadereyta and the Rio:

· Around 50 meals served to entire communities

· Medical team ministered to those with illnesses and injuries

· The gospel was shared

· Relationships were made

Thank you for your prayers, your support, your encouragement, hours of serve and love for the children of Monterrey, Mexico. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
The Huffers

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2007

Feliz Navidad in the Rio

Our family had a great opportunity to help Meme bring Christmas to the children at the Rio. Meme, Betty and our family brought things for a fiesta grande last Sunday. The afternoon consisted of Betty sharing the Christmas story to the children. Ben, Luke, Mark and Greg helped with the crafts of hats and ornaments. Several of Meme's neighbors helped cook and prepare flautas to eat. A pinata helped it to be a true Mexican party with many dulces (candies) inside. Gifts for everyone topped off the afternoon. It was really fun and a blessing to be apart of this day. About 80 people attended and it was fun to share our family with all of their family.

more party photos

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2007

Our kids are touched by those who want to stay involved....

This summer an intern, Brittany, made some deep connections with the girls at the Manantial de Amor girls home. Just a few weeks ago, she sent down some things for the girls. It ranged from Twister game, nail polish, crafts, candy and photos of her and the girls. They absolutely loved receiving their care package. They remembered her and they were delighted that she had remembered them. I love this ministry and how God works in people's hearts to have a lasting relationship with these kids.

We all were blessed by the Women's group this week...

32 women came from the Cincy area to serve with us this week. They provided Christmas for 8 children's homes this week and also had an outreach with the women from the Rio. They gave gifts, decorations, time, love, their skills, gave up their comforts to reach out to so many. We were all blessed. Praise God for a full and fulfilling week. Here are just a few photos of our week together.We paired with the women at the Rio and made blankets, handed out groceries, sang and prayed together.
Manantial boys singing to us.
We shared our skills and talents. For Amy it was playing soccer and Pablo enjoyed it.
The women brought many crafts to make with the kids. These two girls, Sandy and Katia, are quite the princesses.

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2007

Praise God for how He is using the groups that come here.....

Today I was enjoying spending the morning with the girl's at Casa Hogar Manantial de Amor . Living in a boy dominated household, spending time with 15 girls making bracelets, painting nails, playing twister and listening to High School Musical 2 was a lot of fun. As we were enjoying one another, Connie, one of the director's at Manantial as me to come into the kitchen. She explained to me that one month ago they had no food. (I believe it was about the time Anderson Hills came here to serve and saw their empty pantry). She continued to tell me that they began praying specifically for meats and vegetables for them to eat. She then opened their refridgerator. "Now look what God has done for us," she said. I need to tell you that when Anderson Hills left after their week, they gifted a lot of money for Emergency Food needs at the children's homes (not just Manantial). A women's group also was here this week. So between the two funds we bought 80 kilos of meat for them. They also were gifted vegetables from another resource. Connie said, these girls are seeing that God provides. They are learning that God will provide all of their needs. Thank you Anderson Hills and the Women's Group both from Cincy for being used by God. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord's leading.