miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

one more day, more prayer requests and no deer park......

Tomorrow is our last day of the summer with full groups. Greg is finished today but I work with the group tomorrow. Its a family group from Cincy. We are going to the Rio to pick up some kids about 12 (who either graduated from Kindergarten, 1rst grade or 6th grade. We plan on going to a pool that has a slide and have a cookout and give them school supplies with backpacks. I'm really excited. I'm also tired so I'm praying for some glory strength about now.
This past week Meme had the government show up at her door telling her they are going to make a road that goes through her property. There has been all kinds of lawyers and such. Please pray for her as she is feeling very attached spiritually right now. She feels this could be spiritual as well. With all she has been through, she needs our prayers.
Todd tells a story (a rather long one if I may add), about when he played basketball in high school there was a team that was known not to be very good, Deer Park. Every game his team would let their guard down and not play well and have to make it up in the 2nd half. Would you pray that tomorrow their will be no deer park. That all the staff would find energy and depend on the Lord for everything. Thank you.

martes, 29 de julio de 2008

I really appreciate our directors, Beth and Todd

Being a solo pastor at a church for eight years, allowed Greg and I to really appreciate the role that Beth and Todd Guckenberger play as directors here at B2B in Monterrey. We understand that as a leader many people have suggestions for you and often don't include the ones giving the suggestion to be part of the solutions. They carry many burdens, juggle more than I can imagine, pray more than I will ever know, lead, guide and trust in others to come alongside what God has called them to. There isn't enough time of space to spell out how God uses them both, however I want to take a little time to share with you a thing that happened with Todd today. Please know that I could easily share about Beth as well. Anyway, today at the Rio, things began as usual. We prepared a meal for people in the Rio, a group invited them to come. Our group began with a few praise songs and it was time for testimonies. It soon became apparent that the group did not what to share with the kids there. As I informed Todd of this he sprung into action. Before I knew it Todd had a game of duck, duck, goose, Simone dice (Simon says), follow the leader among other games as we played in the blaring heat while the group shared their testimonies with the women in the shade. I was to be in charge of the time at the Rio and he could have easily thrown it back on me. However see me struggle with what to do, he picked up the ball and ran with it never looking back or down on me because of it. I appreciate a working boss, one that isn't above skipping with children (see the photo). I praise God for how He continues to use both Beth and Todd. I'm grateful for his willingness to skip today in the heat.
Gracias Todd.

domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

More XV photos

Katia and her aunt, Rosie, and a cousin
Katia waiting to walk down the aisle
Katia dancing with her "dad" from Manantial de Amor, Edgar

Another Quinceanera

Katia looked beautiful, had 15 escortes, danced the early evening away and shared her fifteenth birthday celebration with the Granger group. Sometimes a new experience (that includes dancing) can keep Americans on the sidelines watching. Not this group, most of the time they were right in the thick of things. Dancing and cheering Katia along. She was excited, happy and thoroughly enjoyed her day as a princess. God is so good that He brought so many people together to give her this great day. Thank you to all who gave to the XV fund. Katia had a few of her family attend. Her grandmother, Aunt and 2 cousins. Thank you for giving her a day, she never would otherwise. God is so good to give her this day and allow us to join in.

sábado, 19 de julio de 2008

Old friends, new experiences.....

Kerri, her Mom and Dad and two girls all came with the Hyde Park UMC group

At worship last week, I was scanning our three new groups and I saw this girl who looked liked a childhood friend of mine. Long story short within a few short minutes she was calling me by my maiden name and we were hugging. Kerri and I haven't seen each other in over 20 years. Its so awesome how God brings people together again. I pray I see her again soon, however it got me thinking of heaven, what a reunion that will be. The cool thing is as Christian we can be assured of another reunion no matter how long its been since we've seen each other.

lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Who knew......ok....God did.......

Last Sat. I was looking forward to a little down time in between some pretty busy weeks. Like a lot of times, God had different plans. On Friday, Meme interrupted our intern training to let us know that one young guy had died in an electrical accident. It turned out to be a son of a women that we met with the group from Calumet. Marianna and her husband had just moved to the Rio and were building a house. Her sons were helping on the Friday and it had been raining all day. As he was working he decided to take his sopping shirt off and hang it somewhere. What he didn't realize is the line he picked was a "hot" wire. He died almost immediately. Marianna has polio and her husband and her moved from clear across town as it is difficult to find work there. This accident was tragic and left them with little to no money to pay for a burial or funeral.
Saturday morning I found myself with Meme to visit the family. They were sitting at the clinic where they were waiting to somehow and somewhere get the money it took for them to get his body released so that they could bury him. They needed 800 pesos (80 dollars) but knew not where they would find it. Without food, they were prepared to wait all day. Jose was married and has two children 2 years old and 3 months old. As we entered we saw Marianna. Her face was in shock. Her husband pacing, seemingly not knowing what do to with himself. As we approached she began to cry ( am I sure something she had already done a lot of). I kissed her check which is the custom here, told her I was sorry and had been praying for her. she nodded and thanked me. I moved aside for Meme to give her condolences. Meme embraced this woman and said that she too was sorry and could feel her pain (remember Meme's husband just died about 1 month ago) and that God wanted her to know that He loved her and would be her strength. This woman fell apart on Meme. Marianna was able to release all the she had inside of her. I knelt at this woman's knees and we prayed for her, as we then did for her husband and for her daughter in law. I watched as the Lord brought 2 Cor. 1:3 to life. He was allowing Meme to use the comfort He had given her to comfort this family in their time of need. That sat. we had decided because of the rain we would postpone the soup kitchen until Sunday as the group was to serve tostados. The money Meme had for the soup kitchen and some that the Lord had me stuff in my pocket as I walked out the door was enough to pay for the release of his body. I will never forget Meme placing that money in her hand and saying "This money is from the Lord, He wants you to take your boy home now" I thank God for the different plans for me that day. Who knew? well......God did.

sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

Remember when I said Let it rain.....

Well, it is. I tried really bad to get a photo but it just doesn't do it justice. We have had rain upon rain upon rain. We've had rivers of it flowing down our sidewalks. One area is completely under water. Our white ceiling tiles have various brown spots where the roof leaks. But I can't complain, can't think a negative thought to all this rain because God is answering our prayers. He is filling both wells at Imperio de Amor. People have water and we are blessed. Thank you for your prayers

jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

15 years............

My husband and I have been married for 15 years today. Today we were both very busy. Here it is now 10:22 and we finally have some time together....well once I finish this. So anyway......God has been good to us and we will enjoy as many years as He will allow. Love you babe.

Let it Rain.....

Yep, we have prayed for this for sometime. The pictures that we sent out in Spring were the last time that it rained. We've been low in our well and the casa hogars have been struggling with lack of water. We have been praying. This week we have held nights at worship in which we prayed and sang to God asking him to let it rain. As I type I hear the constant pouring of the rain on our roof. I know that we need a lot of rain. But with every drop that falls on our roof I am reminded that God is good for what he promises. He knows, He hears, He is faithful.