lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

If you don't feel like it, why do it........

I used to agree with this statement. I often would decide what I would do and how I'd live life by the way I feel. Often thinking maybe there is a reason I don't want to do this or that....... At about mid way through my life I have figured out the reason. At least for most of the time its laziness or disobedience.....not wanting to go out of my comfort zone or stretching myself. I am realizing that often I think Satan can get my seeing how much of an effort obeying God can be and I'm quickly justifying disobedience. Last week I had made plans to visit the Rio. No real reason just to visit. That right there gave me my first excuse to overcome. Meme doesn't know I'm going, I don't have to go. And still I knew God wanted me there. Thankfully God is good and patient and I believe I was able to hear his voice louder because I have been in a consistent quiet time lately. I went with a knot in my stomach not sure what to expect. Long story short, the Lord blessed my socks off. I spent an hour talking with a man recovering from gangreen. His life is a miracle and a second chance of sorts. Meme was speaking the truth in love and sharing Jesus with him. Juan listened, agreed and prayed with us. He has many needs both physical and spiritual. Please pray for him and for his many medical needs. He is diabetic as is his mom. He has asthma and is recovering from skin grafts in his private area. He is unable to walk and has fluid built up in his lungs. He is bedridden and is trying desperately to avoid sores. He is hungry for visitors and is amazed when we shared that so many have been praying for him. God is good.
I could have taken the easy road and sat by the pool that day. Praise God, he is persistant with us. Instead of being comfortable, I spent the afternoon in a small, hot stinky room talking of heavenly matters, praying with a hunger man (spiritually) and loving every minute of it. Is there something God is asking you to do that you don't feel like doing..........go for it. You could have your socks blessed off too.

sábado, 22 de marzo de 2008

A Jedi Birthday......

If may feel safer this Easter weekend. Its because their are 7 news Jedi warriors walking around. We had a Star Wars birthday theme for Mark this year. It was a lot of fun. Cake, presents and jedi training all took place at the all boy sleepover. The force was with us all as we celebrated Mark's big day a little early here are some pictures.

martes, 18 de marzo de 2008

Dust storm.....

Its the wildest thing, a cloud swept over the mountains and the winds picked up this morning. The winds have been 30-45 miles per hour. We've not had rain for a while so the dust is stirring. So much that you can't see the mountains. You taste the dirt in your mouth. It has knocked over a few trees, some trucks have been turned over and signs are being bent. I'm not sure how common this is but I kind of like it. However I am reminded of my friends who live in the dirt. Who don't have the walls to keep the dust out. Will you pray for them with me tonight?

I'm really proud of Mark

Today Mark stepped out in his Spanish and made a new friend. He asked a boy from our neighborhood over to play. Juanito came over and played many different games. Mainly inside since today we were experiencing a dust storm. Mark said that it was fun and he hopes to have Juanito come again. Bien hecho, Mark.

Simple pleasures

Last week, as Cathy wrote earlier, I was able to spend 4 days at a new children's home we are beginning to work with called Casa Hogar Douglass in a town called Sabinas. This is a children's home of 22 kids in a very nice small town near Laredo. I was there with Rodolpho and Katey (2 B2B staff) and 5 college girls from the University of Florida. We spent time painting, pulling wires for a new laundry room that is being built, and sealing the roof on their kitchen.

But what I really wanted to share with you was the interaction we were able to have with the children. We played with them in various ways and one evening while I was picking a boy named Miguel up and swinging him around, I was really struck with how much he was laughing. He would laugh SO hard with something I thought was so simple. Later, the college girls handed out Beanie Babies that they had brought as donations. They had enough that they were able to give two to each child. They loved them. But soon, some of the kids found other uses for them besides setting them down on the foot of their bed. They were tossing them all around, back and forth. Again, there were tremendous amounts of giggling and laughter.

One afternoon, we were able to take the kids up into the mountains to a very nice park. There was a wide mountain stream about waist deep and a neat waterfall on the other side of the stream. The kids quickly jumped into the stream to swim (clothes and all- that's how they do it here when you don't own swimsuits) and though the water was frigid and there was a cool mountain breeze, the kids loved every moment of it.

All in all, I came away with a deep sense of how laughter-starved these kids are. They are so hungry for attention and affection and feelings of worth that any chance they get to laugh is an opportunity to make the most of the moment. They are not concerned with propriety- they just want to have fun. So please pray for the kids in this home as well as the near 400 other kids we serve as I know they all are in the same boat.

Thank you for praying for us while we were there. It means all the difference in the world.


lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008

"Papi, Papi!"

Papi means Daddy. These two words are soo cute coming out of Fernando's little five year old mouth. He was trying to get Rodolfo's attention. I have to brag about my friend Rudolfo. He turns 23 the end of this month. This week and next the kids at casa hogar douglas are off school. Many of the 90 or so kids have gone home with family for this vacation. But some like Fernando are still at the children's home. It's lonely with little to do. Rudolpho has decided to take Fernando home with him for a few days. Here it is Monday and he has had him since Sat. They have been playing and enjoying one another. However Rodolfo has also had him play by himself at times while he attends a meeting or plays volleyball. All of this knowing that he could easily spoil him for a short period of time. However he is aware of the workers at Douglas and that they are physically unable to give Fernando the same amount of time as Rodolfo could. So he is purposefully working in time for Fernando to do things on his own and not grow dependent on Rodolfo. I'm not sure how many 23 year olds that would do this. That would invest himself in this way and have that kind of insight. Yesterday Rodo missed an opportunity to go hiking and repelling with his own house but he chose Fernando. I think Fernando is learning how God has picked him just like God has picked you and I.

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

They are home....

Thank you for praying. God worked in great ways in and through this group that went to Sabinas with Greg. Its so fun to me to hear the stories of how God works in people. I have had the great opportunity to debrief the group at night when they are on campus. Since they have been gone it only has been for two nights. Its great to hear what these young women were wondering about or concerned about are the same things that God had planned to teach each of these women in the group. I have the fun job of listening to how God is doing these great things. I have had this opportunity with other groups too. God has a plan to work in every person's life when they come here. Sometimes on the first night He gives me a glimpse of what area He might touch on in their lives. I could never be a good God detective though. I find myself thinking 'I bet today He shows them this' and often its something totally different. Praise God I can't figure Him out. I will give Greg sometime to relax and then I'm sure he will share with you.

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008


Thank you for your prayers for Greg and the U of F group at Sabinas. Greg had a bad headache the first day. However the Lord carried him through. The group and his co-staff, Katey and Rodolpho carried him. God is good and today he feels great. Even after a good night sleep on the floor. That itself is proof that there is a God as he doesn't usually sleep well. Please continue to pray as they return on Wed. I look forward to hearing how it went.

Meme......I have so much to learn from her

Have you ever seen God working in and through someone that it encourages you to be more like Christ? For me this is Meme. She works very hard and can live in a nice house with nice furniture. Instead she gives what she makes to the people she lives with. These people have needs of food, medicine, fees to get an education, the needs go on and on. Meme sees everything that she has as blessings from God and she shares it willingly. People in her neighborhood know they can come to her for their needs- physical, emotional, and spiritual. Meme has recently begun a soup kitchen to feed the children of the Rio. This past Saturday she feed over 100 people (mainly women and children). The children spent time singing praise songs to the Lord and the Lord placed a message on Meme's heart of which she shared with all who were there. She has arguing neighbors in prayer. She has strong faith. I praise the Lord for great testimonies like Meme.

domingo, 9 de marzo de 2008

University of Florida

This group of 5 college girls from the University of Florida, Rudolpho, Greg and Katey are going to Sabinas (a new casa hogar that we are building relationships with) for the next 4 days. They will be painting, pulling wiring, playing with the kids and so much more. Please pray for them as they will be staying over night there. Pray for patience, glory strength and the willingness to be used however God sees fit. They will be sleeping on mats on the floor and eating with the kids. Pray for Greg as this is new for him. He is on a learning curve and will need to roll with the punches. Thank you. I'll let you know how it went when they return on Wednesday afternoon.

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008

Thanks for covering us in prayer even when we don't specifically ask......

Greg spoke on Sunday at Pastor Jose Angel's church . This is he and I standing out front of his church last summer. I was recovering from being sick and was unable to go. However Greg went with two friends of ours, Kelly and Gabriel. Gabriel translated for Greg. Kelly said it was the best sermon she had heard him give and really made her think. It was challenging to him as he didn't know the people and sometimes in translation it can loose something. Gabriel and Greg were well in sink and the Holy Spirit really spoke through my husband. I learned to pray more and talk (aka. give advise) less. A lesson I know I need to learn always. It helped me to see once again my actions don't reflect the faith I'd like to have. We have been slow sending out prayer letters however I am thankful the Lord places on people's hearts to pray for us. I know God is using what we have to offer and teaching us tons in the process. Please continue to pray for wisdom, discernment, patience as we are taking on more responsibilities with groups, Manatial de Amor children's home, and the Rio.
Please pray for
-one women that we know well perhaps battling drugs and definitely showing signs of having little responsibility for her family.
-B2B ministry as we grow in numbers ~ 80 on campus with increasing teens coming.
-wisdom in speaking the truth in love
-working out conflicts in relationships with ourselves and others
- balancing family, work and relationship with God as our priority
Thank you