viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Counting our Blessings of 2011

When we look back at all the things God has done in our lives and through us we are truly blessed. God can and does so much cause He is BIG and Miraculous. He is awesome that He chooses to use us and involve us in the plan He has to love this world. We, as a family want to take this time and just thank God and all those that He has touched to help us be apart of what He has going on in Monterrey. Thank you for giving financially to us, praying for us and encouraging and loving on us in the various ways that you do. I can't possibly recall on the things like sending us books to read and encourage, giving us music, sending down Christmas cookies, writing us, praying for and with us, sending money to encourage and bless these kids and those who care for them. Really words can't say enough to thank you for being obedient to God's leading in allowing us to be here. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
The Huffer family- Greg, Cathy, Ben, Luke and Mark

Blessed by Shirley

This is Shirley. She is smart, fun, kind and has Jesus in her heart. I am blessed by the relationship I have with her. We share life together. School, family, friends, events, etc. Thank you Lord for Shirley.

Christmas Blessings

We want to thank the James Round Table for providing money to do activities with our teens here on our property. You see, most of our teenagers in our program can go home for Christmas to be with family of some kind. However some for one reason or another don't get that opportunity. This year our family has had the opportunity to stay here in Monterrey for Christmas. So with the help of the James Round Table funds we were able to take some of the teens on our campus ice skating. A few kids from Casa Hogar Douglas also joined us. We had a great time skating. Even though it was in the high 60- low 70s outside. Inside seemed like a cold Ohio day skating on Landen lake with Silent Night playing in the background in Spanish. Thanks to those that God touched their heart to make good times like this one possible.

Movies with Manantial de Amor

This Christmas season we found ourselves with the decision to stay here in Monterrey. We have deeply missed seeing family and friends and celebrating in our traditional ways. However, God has been good in allowing us to be able to do things we don't usually get to do since we aren't here at this time. For example, even though most kids in our children's homes get to go home for the Christmas break, there are still a few who don't have a place to go. Going to a movie isn't a field trip we normally do with our kids in the casa hogar as it isn't quality time that groups can have with the kids. However with money from Anderson Hills United Methodist Church, our family took the kids who were still at MdA out to the movies. We went to see We bought a Zoo in spanish. Everyone was able to have there own popcorn and drink. I only left 4 times to take someone to the bathroom and Greg went three times. Some of the older kids and the workers went to see Mission Impossible 4. . Everyone left laughing and enjoying themselves. It was a fun to mess around in the car, take pictures and enjoy one another. They are our extended family. We are grateful to so many that allow us to be here doing what God has called us to do. Thank you.

Teenage girls are the same no matter what country you are from

One of my favorite parts of being involved in this ministry is to see how God draws others to do His work. About a year ago, B2B was contacted by a business man who was interested in helping orphans. He does business in Monterrey, Mx and wanted to use his trips for something more than just making a living. He had heard of Back2Back from looking up Christian organizations helping kids in Monterrey. That led to his first visit last December when he visited one of our children's homes, Manantial de Amor. He specifically went to the home that housed girls that range from 10 to 16 years of age. With our help we were able to find out what the girls wanted for Christmas and he came bearing gifts for all and even a larger gift for all in the home to share. These girls made quite an impression on him and he he knew this relationship was not going to be just a first time thing.
During the year, this donor has assisted in helping three girls have a great 15th birthday celebration called a quincenera. He has also been a sponsor in our shelter program. Just a few weeks ago he came to Monterrey with his daughter to take the three girls he sponsors out shopping for Christmas. With a language barrier there was much reliance on the interpreter between the girls and their sponsors. But once we entered the mall, all of that just fell to the wayside. The girls were giggly. There were ooos and ahhhhhs. Laughter and posing. It dawned on me that teenage girls no matter where they are from or what kind of family or situation they come from, they are all the same. After a couple of hours it was obvious that we needed to speed things up. I tried to offer up my influence on the girls to speed things up. But their sponsor turned and said. "This day is for them. I came here for them. They are worth it. " When I turned and explained that to them, all three of their faces went soft and all three responded with an "Ahhhh". This had touched them deeply. Funny cause after that we began buying what we needed at record speed. I don't think they felt rushed but instead felt respected and they wanted to respect him back.
As you can tell by the pictures, they left the mall with both fists full of bags, stories to tell to friends at school and new clothes to show off. But they left there with more than that. They had heard that they were worth it. They were worth it. I love how God brings a guy and his daughter to shower these girls with the message that "They are worth it". Its a message God has for all of us really.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

The giggle is in the relationship of the gift..........

This is a child from a casa hogar receiving a gift from his sponsor in the US. The sponsor has been praying for him, visiting him when she can. They send photos back and forth. He prays for her and her family also. This year for his birthday, she wanted to give him a gift he would love. With a little investigation, we found out he was longing for a tech deck skate park. These toys have been around for awhile in the United States and now are really popular here in Monterrey with the preteen boys especially. As you watch the video, listen for his giggle and excitement. Things don't bring happiness, it is the people behind the gifts that bring happiness. I am convinced that his anticipation came because his sponsor swam with him last summer and sat with him to do a craft or color in a coloring book. She prayed with him, and loved on him. His sponsor often closed her letters reminding him how special God made him. Because of their relationship, he knew to anticipate something special.
I think God giggles like this as we offer gifts to him. Worship songs, acts of service, our own control, whatever it might be that we offer to give to him. God giggles knowing we think He is special and we want to gift him a gift to show him.