lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Ninja Day

God continues to bring groups to our campus this summer to love on the kids in the children’s homes in Monterrey. This summer the Lord has led us into “ Play with a Purpose” activities with our groups and kids. These activities have aided us in helping group members to have meaningful interaction with the kids we serve and to help them develop socially, emotionally and psychologically. We have been excited to see these activities help us and our groups serve our kids even better.
One day this summer, we had the opportunity to have Ninja Day at Manantial de Amor children's home in the town of Villa de Juarez. With just two girls and 11 boys, this home was made for "Ninja Day". Staying with the Ninja theme, we taught a short lesson on the story of Caleb and Joshua. Ninjas are spies just like Caleb and Joshua were in Bible times. We talked about how Caleb and Joshua were spy who knew that, with God, they were more than conquerors. As you remember the story, Caleb and Joshua were the only two spies of 12 that thought God would allow them to conquer the Canaanites in order to win over the promised land. We dressed as ninjas and played ninja games. Each group member was paired with a child to first get dressed as a ninja than play games like "stand off", "star wars tag" and yes, "Ninja". We ended the day sharing watermelon and prayed for one another. I won't ever see a Ninja without thinking of these adorable kids like Christopher, Dana or Luis Carlos. We are more than Conquerors.

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Thanks Anderson Hills United Methodist Church

Casa Hogar Douglas has had their stove for more years than we will ever know. I'm am certain that when it came to them it was used. The workers at Doulas fight cockroaches daily and the number one source of their food was that stove. The amount of grease built up on that thing could feed thousands of cockroaches. Sometimes the groups that serve with us get the fun job of spraying for these creepy crawlers. I will never forget about hearing how Anderson Hills UMC ( the church Greg grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio) cleaned and spray for these cockroaches one day. The stories made my skin crawl. While it made the group's skin crawl too and they decided to do something about it. Above is a picture of the new stove. Gone is the cockroach feeding frenzy. They great thing is that Jim, the captain of Douglas and a poor community that we work with that we call Rio 3, cleaned the old stove and took it to the soup kitchen in Rio 3. So really this new stove was a double blessing. Thanks Anderson Hills UMC. The kids are grateful. Tacos taste better on a clean stove.