jueves, 18 de octubre de 2007

"I have a new......."

......dryer" Antonio tried to finish Puri's sentence. "No,a new girl." Puri responded excitedly. This was a phone conversation that happened as I sit here in the office to type. Puri was excited as a new child was dropped of at Casa Hogar Rayitos de Luz. I immediately thought of the hurt and sadness this girl must be experiencing. But Antonio thinks of the excitement that Puri shows as she sees another child God has allowed her to care for.
How cool is that. At the time of heart break and pain, He has set an eager, caring, loving mother to care for these kids. Thank God with me for Puri and her husband Esteban.

God is Lord of all.....

Went to a Mexican/American wedding last weekend. It was absolutely beautiful. Greg and I were asked to stand up and give the rings to our friends Jim and Betty. There are so many neat ways Mexicans celebrate. They have people who show their support for them by purchasing things that have significant meanings. For example, there are people who purchase a Bible (the word of God that plays such an important role for the couple to live their lives and raise their children), their wedding rings (signifies the never ending love and commitment they made that day),and a box of coins (signifying the husbands role of supporting the family). We didn't purchase the rings however those that did were unable to attend the wedding. We were blessed to be asked to take their place. We attended the rehearsal dinner. We had special pictures taken with the bride and groom. We walked down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony. We went up front and stood with the bride and groom as they received their rings. Standing there in their wedding and experiencing such a blessing to have a close relationship for them for that day, I realized what Greg and I were experiencing that day was what we have in Christ. Christ paid the price for our sins so that we can experience the joys of the wedding of Christ and his Church. I realize the analogy is weak and really nothing can compare to the price Christ paid for my life but our experience this weekend gave me a deeper appreciation for Christ and how much He loves us.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2007

What's cooking????? Mexican style

Kelly and I went to visit our friend Fani this week. We went to the grocery store and bought what we needed to make enchiladas. Then Fani schooled us in making them, sopa de arroz (rice with tomatoe flavoring, potatoes and carrots. The enchiladas were really good and made with tortillas rojo (red). I didn't know they came that color. As we ate we talked about if she was in a Bible study and about how God works in our lives. I know the pictures make it look like I played with her two daughters while Fani and Kelly cooked, but I really did help. These girls were too cute not to include. Fani has a great relationship with her husband. Something many women don't have. Pray for her and her family as they are trying hard to have a better life. Pray that her faith would grow. She feels their are some Christians who are hypocritical around her. I praise God she doesn't want to be that way.

Mom, I'm bored and two of my friends are leaving next week.......

This was how the idea came for a great day I won't soon forget. Our oldest son, Ben, was bringing to my attention that for a week, two of his good friends would be gone and he wouldn't have much to do. I quickly put my thinking gears into motion as I could see him feeling more sad by the moment. We came up with different ideas to be with others people and keep busy. One was to visit the nearest casa hogar as a family. After talking with Enrice, a worker there, we decided Sunday afternoon we'd visit. This was an especially good time because this was visiting day. Most children would have parents or relatives come visit them or take them out for the afternoon. Casa Hogar Douglas has close to 100 children and we were told all but 20 or so would be gone. However we could come and play with these 20 children who had no visitors. As we drove the 1 mile to the home, our boys were expressing their nervousness and asking how long we had to stay. As you can tell with the photos, it didn't take long before the coloring books, sidewalk chalk, uno cards and other activities allowed us to make instant friends. We even were able to give out football cards that friends from Kentucky gave us to give out. (Thanks Carys!!!!!) We were hoping to get a photo with their cards. However many boys ran to their rooms to put them in a safe place so that no one else would take them. Afterwards, all of our boys asked when we'd be coming back. Ben said he learned that when he is sad and lonely he thinks God wants him to think of others. How cool is that. Sunday was one of my favorite days here. We look forward to returning again soon.

Last week Family Christian Stores group was here. We celebrated the future together. In this picture is the Cooper family. It consists of Matt, Julie, their five children ( the one that was on the way, came yesterday bringing their total to 6- four girls and two boys) and their new teenage sons, Saul, Omar, Ruben, Beto, and Oscar. Matt and Julie began with B2B about 4-5 years ago and dreamed of working with the really little ones in Monterrey. God has gifted them with teens and now they are parents to five teenage boys who are able to continue their education. It was great to hear each boy share of their appreciation to God and witness how much it meant that Matt and Julie invested their lives into them the last few years and how they are now doing things they never thought imaginable. God is good and He gives us good gifts.