martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Juniper Tree Clinic dedication and the first medical group to use it

Recently we dedicated our medical clinic and hosted our first medical group to use the clinic. We've had medical groups before however now we have a place on our campus to work out of. The group of 4 doctors, a pharmist and an assistant treated about 120 kids from our casa hogars, and 175 people from the Cadereyta, a impoverished community that we work with. They also saw staff, jovenes and workers from Back2 Back. All of this in three days. We were blessed by their service and God worked things out so smoothly. To God be the Glory.

Fall Festival 2008

Can you find our boys?

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

A Walk to Remember.....

Yesterday morning I went with three other staff women to walk and pray through a dorm at one of the children's homes. One of our staff women, Mandy, has a strong burden for these older boys who live in the dorm. There are 17 boys who range in age from 12-15 years of age. Recently two of the boys have made attempts to kill themselves. As we went I really had no idea what to expect, just that we were praying for boys who are hurting in a way I couldn't imagine.
When we arrived at the children's home, the encargadas (workers) were in prayer. We decided to pray outside in the palapa (a shelter with a thatched roof). As we sat down, Lola joined us. Lola is a 30 something year old woman with down's syndrome. I said to her, "Vamos orar" which means "lets pray". She knelt on her knees to pray. After 5 minutes I was convicted by her postition and went on my knees. 20-30 minutes later she was still on her knees as I had switched to various position before finally resting on my bottom. The Lord taught me a lot through her actions. The picture of her tiny body curled up on the palapa concrete floor will not soon leave my mind.
After praying in the palapa, we recieved permission to walk through the dormitory to pray. Before entering we spoke with Mareno about the trouble some of the boys were having. He described how the two boys had made attempts and how that trickles down to the rest of the boys. He spoke of how the workers pray daily for these boys and pray that they can see God through them. His humility was obvious as he described their needs and care for these boys. Personally it seems like a daunting task. I was convicted to pray more for all of the workers of the children's home we serve.
As we began to walk and pray I became so overwhelmed with emotion. I felt hurt like I hadn't before. We first walked into a room of the older boys. The first bed had a "tweety bird" on the pillow. I couldn't help but think of all of the reasons he had that. Did someone special give it to him. Mom, Dad, someone else. Was he frightened at night and this helped him through the rough times. The next bed had several blankets. You could smell urine throughout the room. I couldn't help but pray for these boys when they were sick at night with no one to help them. Or the embarrassment of wetting your bed at that age and in front of 7 other boys. I wondered of the spiritual attacks that happened at night. Mental messages that they are nothing, or no one cares. Its those times in bed that your mind is flooded with those kids of thoughts.
We then prayed in the other room where we found 9 beds. In the few belongings that each boy owned more questions came about. Why did he draw a skull on his shelf? This was one of the boys who attempted to kill himself. I lingered longer here, praying for him to find his identity with Christ. Lord, put someone in his life to show him You Love Him. Help him to see it. Help them all to see it. As I touched walls and beds and chairs that they sat on I was overwhelmed with hurt and wondering what a typical day would be like. I kept thinking that this is such an age where you doubt everything, have a hard time liking anything, and spend most of your time protecting yourselve because if you don't no one else will.
Can you tell I was impacted heavily? I can't stop thinking about it, even though my life is full of so many other things. I am convicted to pray more. For the kids, the workers, the families, so much work to do. Will you join me?

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

Felizidades Edgar and Cony

This morning at 4:00, Alicia and Andrea were born. The girls and Mom are all doing well. Praise God for his goodness for providing for them. Stay tune for photos of these precious little ones.

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

who says God doesn't still work miracles....ask Milagros

There was a picture here that I was lead to believe was Milagros as a tiny baby, however I have been shown this same picture as a wax model of a baby. Therefore I have removed it as it is not Milagros herself. Nonetheless, she is a miracle and a true gift from God.

About a year ago, I shared a story of a girl who was born at about 20 weeks. The doctor thought she was dead at first, or perhaps she really was. Minutes later they noticed she was breathing. In Mexico, parents often name their first born after their corresponding parent. But this Mom had something else in mind. She wanted to name her Milagros which means miracle in Spanish. I wanted to share these pictures because you need to see it to believe it. It is a real life miracle. Even after seeing this photo I have had many ask me, is this really real. The shoes are the ones she wore at 4 months of age. The other photo is of Milagros today. She is the one on the left. She is 16 years old and beautiful. She has a hearing impairment but that is the only evidence of her being born so early. Miraculously she is able to speak some words, write and read as her mom had her attend school through the 6th grade. She has learned a little sign language and her family has been super supportive in communicating with her as much as possible. This summer a doctor came and saw her need. He knew of a physician here in Monterrey and connected her and her family to Dr. Leon. The Lord has brought all these people together to continue to work more miracles in her life. God is providing continued education for her to learn sign language and Spanish (both written and oral) that will help her to be more independent and gain the best possible kind of work. This school is also testing her to see if any hearing aids or other medical treatment can help her. Gracias a Dios for his continued miracles in her life. God has many plans for her and one day she will able to share with others what he has done for her.

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

Keep Edgar and Cony

in our prayers. Edgar pictured here in the middle is expecting twins (ok his wife Cony is) very soon. The babies continue to be healthy. As you can imagine, she is ready and thought they might come the end of last month. Pray for health, patience, sleep, money for the many expenses, and if you are a parent I'm sure you can add to this list of prayers. They have 2 girls ages 3 and 4. The twins they are expecting are girls too. Wow. Thanks for your prayers.

Movie Night at the Rio

Wished I had a picture of about 40 people who attended Movie Night at the Rio. Our church here Nuevo Pacto brought a evangelical to the Rio. After a very exciting movie where the thief accepted Christ, there were many there who also responded. One in particular is Juan. I've written about him before. About a year ago he contracted gangreen in his private area and was hospitalized. He was in a coma and was thought that he wasn't going to make it. Well he did. Meme spoke frank to him and it seemed that God was working on his heart and he was listening. After he began to feel better, he turned back to his sinful life. He kicked out his mother who was by his bed side all those restless nights. He began bringing home very young girls to keep company with. There was even talk of sexually abusing a young niece of only 5 years of age. After the movie a friend of mine from church who has a strong gift of prophesy and intercessory prayer asked if I knew anyone who needed prayer. Juan came to mind and we asked if we could pray for him. She was direct and spoke truth to him that she knew nothing of. He was told of his sin and that he was once again sick because of the sin he had fall back into. She said she wanted to pray for him however if he wasn't open to God working in his life, she would not pray. He agreed to pray and that He wanted to seek Him out again. After her prayer, the pain in his back ceased. He moved so much better not needing the crutch he had brought to walk the long distance from his house. God was working in his Juan's life. Would you pray for him. Satan doesn't want to give him up and will do whatever it takes to keep him where he is. Juan can't do this alone. Only through the strength of Jesus, through the blood of Jesus will he be freed from his sin.. Please pray....we are in a fight.....our Lord reigns.....Jesus has the victory.

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

Today I went to serve at Meme's Rio

Three new teen girls went with me, Jessica, Perla and Sandy. They were great helpers. They cooked, invited the people and Jessica even preached. She shared some of her favorite verses sharing the importance of reading the Bible and praying to the Lord. She said so many people say the don't hear God's voice. She said you want to her God talk open the Bible and pray that He will speak to you and He will. Some people say I don't know how to pray. She shared with the people that it is as easy as talking to your friends. Jessica is 17 years old and has such grace. Her faith was easy to see. Perla and Sandy seemed so confident as well. Jumping in to cook and talking with the people as we invited others to come eat and share in God's word. I am so blessed to see these three learn from Meme and Meme and I learned from these three.
Tonight I will return to the Rio to watch an evangelical movie hosted by our church Nuevo Pacto. I'll write more about that, I'm sure.

Sierra Madre first Indian Pow Wow

Luke and Ben have been learning about Native Indians of North America in their Social Studies classes. Miss Hope their teacher was great with planning a Pow Wow in which the children gave oral reports on the things they learned. The 4,5,6th grade wrote reports and shared them while the 3rd grade created diomes. Each third grader was paired with a 4,5 or 6th grader and the pairs presented together. They performed a dance, demonstrated several games and the families brought native Indian food. Everyone had loads of fun and we all could tell the children learned alot and had fun in the process. Thanks Miss Hope.

More Indian Pow Wow photos

These pictures show all the kids in their Indian attire.
The kids playing an Indian game.
One photo shows a Indian dance.
The third one shows our three warriors
The last is of Ben and a really cute squaw (is that the name of a girl indian?) Caroline

jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

Ruby Moyer

Ruby Moyer is one of our teachers here. This year she teaches Kindergarten through 2nd grade. She has 6 students, 2 in kindergarten, 3 1rst graders and 1 second grader. Mark is the only second grade. She makes learning fun. The kids learn Bible verses, nursery rythmes, and all of their academics in creative and new ways. These kids are so blessed to have Ruby as their teacher. When Greg and I heard the call to come to Back2Back we were blessed with not having to think twice of where are kids would go to school and if they'd have a good education. Would you consider praying for Ruby. This is her second year and she has just over 1/2 of what she needs to be here for the year. Her needs are 18,000 and she currently has 11,000. We could not do what we do without her.
She also has a heart for the teen girls here. So when Ruby isn't teaching she is meeting with the girls, leading a study and hanging out with them and developing relationships with them. Her relationship with them is so important as she is often listened to because she isn't the teen house parent. Thank you for your prayers. If you have a desire to support her you can send a check for her support to Back2Back Ministries. PO Box 70, Mason, Oh 45040. She also has a blog on blogspot. Google Ruby Moyer and she'll come up. Thanks

God is bigger than the devil

Norma is the lady in the pink in the picture below. Each Tuesday she comes to my house and helps me clean. When she first came to our property last February I was very hesitant to have help. You know, we only have a three bedroom apartment and if I let her clean then what do I do? Plus a missionary with a maid? That just didn't seem right to me. But after praying about it I felt the Lord telling me that this is what I needed. Plus Greg loves a clean house and I hate to clean.
Greg liked it right away and I told myself that Norma is really just a paid friend. Funny huh. I made an appoint to fold clothes with her or work in the same room she was trying out my really poor Spanish. She would often roll her eyes with the frustration of not understanding my weak attempts. I often questioned if this was such a good idea. As time went on my Spanish became better (often through learning new words she used or having her write something down).
God has recently really used my relationship with Norma. Her family has own a lot of land in our neighborhood including out property at one time. However they slowly have sold it off to others. Just last week she was sharing with me about the spiritual things that have happened on our property. Satanic rituals, sexual acts beyond comprehension and even how her Aunt had seen Satan in her mirror. She said to me something in Spanish that I hadn't heard before and when I asked about it, she described her feeling toward Satan as a small child facing a bully and that she had fear of him. The Lord has ways of giving me great obvious suegways, in which I was able to ask her if she knew how she could not be afraid of Satan. As we folded clothes together I told her of how by dying on the cross for our sins and rising again Jesus defeated Satan once and for all. We only have power over him when we have Jesus in our lives and Jesus does our fighting for us. She said she needed to think that over. I look forward to more conversation with Norma while folding my laundry.