lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Our God is so Big......

Saturday I sat next to a mom from on of our homes.  She has four kids and last year lost her job when her kids came to stay with her for the 6 weeks they have off school.  She was telling me how she really wants to raise her kids and how hard it is to do so on her own.  She feels so lonely.  She has four boys close in age and young.  As we talked I found myself praying for her.  Finally I told her that I was praying that God would bring someone into her life.  A woman who would encourage her, love on her and her boys.  She has had someone from B2B helping her and supporting her and giving her time to rest periodically.  I could see that she wanted more and needed more.  I asked God what I could do for her, especially as we are leaving Monterrey, Mexico in just three weeks to move to Cincinnati, Ohio.  As we sat poolside watching her boys, God said just pray.  So we did.  Sunday I was working with a Mexican woman , Gloria, who God has brought her to minister to widows.  As we talked she was so excited that God had brought her to the same children's home as my friend from Sat.  She said,"  You know what Cathy,  God showed me a widow with whom I can disciple.  I was getting ready to say the name of my friend when she said her name first.  I couldn't believe it.  God is so good.  I am sure I am not the first to pray for support for my friend and God continues to rain support down on her.   I didn't know that my friend is a widow but it God brought just the right person to disciple her.  Gloria, a widow herself for several years can encourage and speak truth to her.  Praise God for He is so very Big.

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